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Business/Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting Money for Madagascar through your business or workplace can be rewarding for both your business and your employees and can make a vital contribution to improving lives and protecting nature in one of the poorest countries on earth. Support can range from a simple donation or sponsorship of a project or event to a more strategic partnership.

Would your business consider supporting Money for Madagascar as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy?

By partnering with us at Money for Madagascar we pledge to offer you a meaningful relationship which works for mutual benefit.

Advantages for our corporate supporters include:

      • A platform for fulfilling CSR requirements

      • An association with a highly respected charity

      • PR opportunities

      • Social media engagement

      • Community engagement through events

      • Networking opportunities

There are further benefits if you choose to get more involved, in a specific campaign or project. Your charity involvement could bring benefits internally for your company, bringing people together, across departments and hierarchies, to work towards a common goal.  Morale is boosted, teams are strengthened and bonds are formed and nurtured – all of which help towards creating and maintaining a positive and productive working environment and a corporate culture you can be proud of.

If you are interested in improving your carbon footprint, take a look at our Carbon Mitigation page by clicking here and see how you can make a difference.

Below are a few of the businesses Money for Madagascar is involved with, we’d be glad to add you to our list of supporters. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you’d like to discuss how you could come on board.

H2 Equity Partners

“As part of our commitment to ESG, H2 Equity Partners is delighted to contribute to Money for Madagascar’s sustainable reforestation programme.”


One very easy way for your company to sign up to make regular CSR/ESG donations to MfM is through the platform B1G1, where MfM has several featured projects. B1G1 aims to make it easy for companies to sign up to fund charitable work, by providing a user-friendly platform where companies can sign up in just a few clicks. The B1G1 team have done rigorous checks and due diligence on all the charities and projects they promote, such as the MfM projects you can find on this site. So if you want a really simple way to give to MfM you can look up Money for Madagascar on the B1G1 platform

MIA Chocolate

MIA produce fairly traded chocolate in Madagascar, and are off-setting their company’s carbon by planting trees for every palette of chocolate they ship. As part of their 1forChange commitment MIA donates a penny in every pound they make into MfM projects to combat poverty and bring positive change in Madagascar.

Mia is also supporting 'fruit tree scholarships' whereby a child plants fruit trees in their yard to improve nutrition and help fund their education. The support parental literacy & business start-up support and study bursaries to promising young women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Rainbow Tours

Rainbow Tours supports MfM by giving a donation ever time they sell a holiday to Madagascar.

Better World Books

Better World books have given donations towards the MfM Education for Life programme

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis Park

MfM are proud to partner with Oasis Wildlife Park. We are working with the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis to offer a complete educational package for schools and community groups. Children can meet lemurs, sifaka and other rainforests wildlife at the zoo and uncover a wealth of resources about the wildlife and culture of Madagascar, though assemblies, school-based workshops and more in the Money for Madagascar ‘Lemur Bounce Resource Pack’

Lanes Vets

MfM are proud to partner with Lanes Vets. Lanes Vets group have made Money for Madagascar their charity of the year,

Gwin Dylanwad

Gwin Dylanwad Wine recently raised donations to build 4 toilet blocks for schools.

Turbo Creative

Turbo Creative donate time and expertise to MfM and help develop our 'Lemur Bounce Pack'

Marble Arch have supported MfM giving specialist marketing and design advice

Ethical Angels

Ethical Angel are continuing to help MfM through their professional mentoring and volunteer scheme.

Saga are supporting the MfM Education for Life programme with grants.

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