Helping Vulnerable Children

Making education a right not a privilege

Madagascar’s underfunded education system is barely able to provide a basic primary education to pupils in mainstream schooling. Provision for those with learning disabilities is practically non-existent or, where available, archaic in its preconceptions and approaches. La Source is a specialist school offering progressive education, vocational training and hope to disabled children and young people from across the nation’s capital. It is one of only a handful of such Centres in a country of over 21 million people.

For over a decade Money for Madagascar has sponsored the salaries of teachers and backed numerous initiatives to improve the range of activities and the quality of education offered to the dozens of children who study at La Source. The results have been a joy to behold.


In addition to providing critical funding for running costs, we have also raised money to enable La Source to take steps towards financial independence and long term sustainability. One such project was the creation of an on-site patisserie where students can learn valuable kitchen skills whilst the proceeds of the cakes and pastries sold provide much needed revenue for the school.

The work of La Source simply could not continue without the support of Money for Madagascar. Without this project dozens of disabled children would be condemned to a life excluded from their communities, deprived of education and denied the friendship of others.

Thanks to our supporters this oasis of progressive education goes from strength to strength.

Lives in balance

Decades of political and economic crisis have left millions of children living lives beneath the poverty line. Life is hard enough for those lucky enough to be born healthy and into loving families but for Madagascar’s most vulnerable children there is no safety net.

In the absence of meaningful government funding, we support several projects aimed at providing care and education for orphaned, abandoned, homeless or disabled children living in the capital.


A refuge for the harmed and abandoned

Situated on the outskirts of Antananarivo, Akany Avoko is a children’s home providing a refuge for more than one hundred abandoned, orphaned or destitute children. More than two decades of support from Money for Madagascar has seen this Centre grow from modest beginnings to become one of Madagascar’s leading Centres of education, vocational training and social care for destitute children and young people.

Akany Avoko is home to children of all ages between newborns and young adults. Children rescued from the streets or impoverished and sometimes abusive homes are offered the chance to live in a loving, secure environment whilst receiving nutritious food and a great education. In addition to providing a model of childcare for other Centres Akany Avoko is also a demonstration Centre for alternative technologies and sustainable living.


In addition to contributing significantly to the running costs of the Centre, Money for Madagascar has fundraised for a number of one-off projects aimed at improving standards of education, health, hygiene and childcare. By committing to providing long-term we have enabled Akany Avoko to grow into the vibrant, loving community that it is today.

The smiles of the children say all you need to know about this inspirational project.