Our Development Partners

Our approach is to support Malagasy people in finding their own solutions and changing their own communities. We are not a large charity so it is important that what funds we have are spent wisely. We make grants directly to an established network of development partners. These inspirational people lead organisations from across civil society including educational, community, and faith-based groups. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience of working with Money for Madagascar:

“Thanks to Money for Madagascar hundreds of children now have a decent place to study.”

Mr Martin Ravelomanantsoa, Director of Association ALF, Central Highlands, Madagascar


“We are so impressed by the strength of the long-term commitment that Money for Madagascar has made to us. Their Coordinator travelled 600km by car just to visit our project—what courage and enthusiasm!”

Mr Jean Pierre, Head of SAF Development Agency, Maintirano.


“My organisation has worked in partnership with Money for Madagascar since 1991. They have funded many vital projects for us: income generating projects for remote communities, literacy and numeracy schemes, initiatives to help prisoners, the funding of primary education and many vocational training programmes.”

Mme Charnette, Director FATOAM, Tamatave