Who We Help

Destitute children

Every year more than 1000 street kids receive food, education and medical care at Money for Madagascar funded drop-in Centres in the capital whilst 140 destitute kids have a safe place to live. The 95 classrooms that we have built since 2004 are used to educate more than 4,000 children in locations across Madagascar.


Vulnerable women and girls

We fund vocational training for vulnerable and impoverished women and support the formation of income generating co-operatives enabling Malagasy women to support themselves. Elsewhere our money supports projects helping single mothers, troubled teenagers and victims of domestic violence.


Young people with disabilities

The Malagasy state provides virtually no specialist support for those growing up with a disability. Money for Madagascar funds specialist education and care for dozens of children and young people who otherwise would spend their youth confined to their homes and deprived of friendship or education.


Families escaping poverty

We are committed to helping destitute families escape the poverty trap by funding vocational training and start-up grants which allow ordinary people to begin small businesses. Such schemes are funded both in urban and rural areas and also in cyclone-hit regions to enable communities to regenerate.


Communities in ecological hotspots

In more than 73 villages we fund projects including reforestation, food security and environmental education. These projects are designed to protect precious habitats whilst supporting the communities around them. We also fund wells, latrines, schools and income generating schemes.