Queniborough Community Pianothon


The village of Queniborough in Leicestershire came up with a novel way of joining our Tree Twinning Programme by holding a ‘Pianothon’.  The aim was to raise funds to protect and restore rainforest in Madagascar through playing music whilst also raising awareness of the threat to trees in Queniborough though a road widening scheme.  The community wanted to twin the trees on Rearsby and Queniborough Roads with trees in Madagascar.


Six pianists took turns and played the piano from 8:00am to 8:00pm!  Every hour had a different theme and there were also guest turns from a classical singer and a trombonist (who had only played with Penny, the pianist, online previously).  There was an hour of children’s songs to which the children could join in and for the last hour, Queniborough Members Club guitarists and singers joined Penny for a sing-along including Sloop John B and Drunken Sailor.

There was also a book stall, drinks,cakes as well as some walnut trees planted by a local squirrel for sale and in total the event raised over £1000!  This means that 250 trees can be planted and maintained in Madagascar.
What a fantastic, original event which raised funds and also brought a community together!

Do you want to organise your own Pianothon or have another unique way to raise funds, we’d love to hear about it!