Topaza Project

We have had a very positive report from our Topaza project.  Despite the pandemic, there has been a lot of progress.
In September, we reported that the construction of the farm buildings was underway.  Since then two cows were purchased and a calf was born.  The amount of milk from the cows averages 35 litres per week and is a fantastic addition to feed the children and staff at the centre improving their health and nutrition.
A litter of piglets was born with the intention of selling 4 and keeping the other 5 for 5 months so they could be sold when they weighed around 90kg.  Unfortunately, the price has dropped due to the pandemic so the centre has not yet been able to sell the piglets.
The centre decided to rent a large vegetable garden about 3km away from the farm.  This has meant the centre could increase the diversity of the vegetables they grow and has reduced by half the amount of money spent buying vegetables to feed the children and staff.
The farm and vegetable garden may have been even more productive were there not restrictions on working hours due to the pandemic and the current drought.
The children clearly enjoy going to the farm and garden and are learning a lot about agriculture as they help out.