Carbon Mitigation Through Tree Planting


Climate change is already taking its toll on Madagascar’s precious people and habitats. As atmospheric CO2 levels rise, the frequency and intensity of cyclones, floods and droughts is increasing, devastating lives and landscapes.

Planting trees is one of the most tangible ways to combat climate change. With your support, MfM can scale up important tropical reforestation work. By planting trees in Madagascar, you are not only helping to mitigate climate change but also to protect vulnerable habitats and improve livelihoods.

To calculate the number of trees you need to plant to mitigate your carbon impact, simply take your total tonnage and multiply by four*. However, this can change depending on the species being planted. Paying to plant trees with Money for Madagascar is a great way for individuals and businesses to play an active role in tackling climate change, and restoring vital forests upon which both people and wildlife depend.

*Trees for Life

Your donations are very important:

£1 can pay to plant 1 tree.

£5 can pay to plant, maintain and protect a tree, by planting trees and also investing in community livelihoods activities which protect the forest and help forest communities to develop sustainable sources of income.

Please choose your donation amount.

You can use Money for Madagascar’s tree-planting scheme to mitigate any  aspect of your carbon footprint.

For example £66 can offset one return flight from Europe to Madagascar, by planting and maintaining 13 trees.

Choose your own donation amount to be used for planting trees.

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