Forests and Livelihoods

Deforestation and food-insecurity are on the increase in Madagascar. Both of these are linked to climate change. Facing this challenge requires us to learn and collaborate. It’s time to step-up activities with forest and farming communities to help them improve their resilience to climate change and improve their food security, whilst restoring their environment.

MfM has long recognised the interdependence of people and their environment. Through education, training and practical support we enable farmers and forest people to provide for their families, whilst protecting and restoring their fragile environment. MfM’s Forest and Livelihood’s  programme currently supports projects in 3 areas of Madagascar:

In Betampona we fund reforestation, food security and environmental education in 100 villages surrounding the Betampona Special Reserve. These activities protect precious wildlife habitats while enabling local communities to improve food security and to develop livelihoods in agriculture and arboriculture.

In Maintirano and the Melaky Region we support women’s cooperatives with reforestation and income-generating activities. For example, one group called FIVEMI plants and maintains 8,000 saplings each year. Mature trees are already providing animal habitats and much needed coppice wood for fuel and timber for the cooperative members.

In Andasibe-Mantadia we are restoring the decimated forest that used to surround the famous Andasibe National Park. Sir David Attenborough recently recognised this vital work of MfM with Association Mitsinjo. By planting wildlife corridors of indigenous trees, endemic wildlife like the Indri lemur will be able to reach fresh pockets of forest to find new breeding partners.