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“Congratulations MfM on all you have done to help protect Madagascar’s marvellous forests and the many species that live there.  Madagascar is the home of a multitude of marvellous creatures that live only there. They urgently need all the help and protection we can give them.”

David Attenborough 23.12.16

Trees and forests are vital for life on earth. They capture carbon, slowing climate change and emit oxygen, allowing us to breathe. Creating and restoring forest has never been so urgent or important. This is particularly true in Madagascar, where 80% of plants and animals are found nowhere else on earth.

Money for Madagascar is aiming to combat climate change, preserve biodiversity, prevent flooding and support vulnerable communities in Madagascar through an ambitious new partnership reforestation project aimed at planting 1 million trees.


How do we do this?

In Madagascar, we plant trees to create, restore and protect forests. Each tree planting activity has a different but equally important role. Here are some of the ways MfM plants trees:

      • Planting trees for fruit, firewood and timber is vital for protecting existing forests from further encroachment by the local population.
      • Replanting the rainforest corridors to reconnect isolated pockets of forest and protect endangered species from extinction.
      • Reforestation captures carbon and prevents flooding and soil erosion.
      • Planting fruit trees in school yards to provide essential shade and nutrition.
      • Funding ‘Fruit-Tree Scholarships’ – planting trees in a student’s own back yard as a way to pay for the child’s education.


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