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Madame Vololona’s 4 children were often absent from school due to illness and the shame they felt at not being able to afford their school equipment or pay their fees on time. Thanks to a small loan from SAF Maitirano’s microcredit scheme, all this has changed. Mme Vololona has used her credit to set up a fish selling business. She buys her fish from the seashore and sells them at Filonga Market in Maitirano. Her children’s health has improved now that they are able to eat 3 nutritious meals a day and they have all got the necessary school equipment. Even with her monthly loan repayments, Mme Volona is able to put money aside to save up for her own fishing boat.

In Maintirano and the Melaky Region we support women’s cooperatives with reforestation and income-generating activities. For example one group called FIVEMI plants and maintains 8,000 saplings each year. Mature trees are already providing animal habitats and much needed coppice wood for fuel and timber for the cooperative members.


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