Our Supporters

At Money for Madagascar we bring about positive change and development by bringing together the generosity of supporters who care about poverty, development and conservation with the passion and skill of our Madagascar Partners. Our donors include Individuals, Trusts & Foundations, Businesses, Faith Organisations, Schools, Rotarians, Malagasy Diaspora and other community groups.  Donations and Grants can range from tens of pounds to tens of thousands. All donations make a big difference in Madagascar.

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Business Supporters

We are happy to have a growing number of Business Partners who support us with donations and grants. Some businesses, like MIA Foodie are off-setting their company’s carbon by planting trees for every palette of chocolate they ship. Others are funding MfM community projects, such as building water points, classrooms or school kitchens – as part of their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. For example Rainbow Tours give us a donation ever time they sell a holiday to Madagascar, Lanes Vets group have made us their charity of the year, Gwin Dylanwad Wine recently raised donations to build 4 toilet blocks for schools, Better World Books and Saga have given grants to our Education for Life Programme and Kuanza are funding ‘fruit tree scholarships’ whereby a child plants a pair of fruit trees in their yard to improve nutrition and help fund their education. Business partnerships can take many forms. They aren’t always about money. For example we are working with the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis to offer a complete educational package for schools and community groups. Children can meet real rainforests wildlife at the zoo and uncover a wealth of resources about the wildlife and culture of Madagascar, though assemblies, school-based workshops and a the Money for Madagascar ‘Lemur Bounce Resource Pack’.

Could you become one of our next business partners? If you might be interested in partnership with MfM please drop us an email.

We are excited to share that MfM has just been officially adopted as a charity to benefit from CSR through the B1G1. There are several exciting MfM projects to support on the B1G1 site. To find out how easy it is to sign up please visit the B1G1 website and remember to look for Money for Madagascar projects!

If you are interested in improving your carbon footprint, take a look at our Carbon Mitigation page by clicking here and see how you can make a difference.


Rainbow Tours

MIA Chocolate

MIA Chocolate supporting tree scholarships and Lancaster Royal Grammar School 'Wonka' appeal.

Better World Books

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis Park

MfM are proud to partner with Oasis Wildlife Park

Lanes Vets

MfM are proud to partner with Lanes Vets

Trusts and Foundations

We are hugely grateful to the Trusts and Foundations that are committed to supporting Money for Madagascar.  Providing over 60% of our funding, many of these essential partners have been with us for a long time.  We are always open to new opportunities. Many Trusts prefer to stay anonymous. But details of our donors can be found in our accounts, if needed.


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