Education for Life

MfM’s Education for Life (Ed4Life) programme is working to tackle key obstacles to educational access and attainment in Madagascar’s remote rural primary schools.  Providing pedagogic training for all teachers is a key part of the programme. Many teachers have had very little training prior to Ed4Life. They often report feeling demotivated and finding it hard to engage the children.  Training and support in basic pedagogic methods gives them the confidence and motivation to enthuse their students and provide them with relevant practical knowledge and thinking skills.

Miss Angela from Itasy says, “The training has really helped me to develop my own creativity and keep the children engaged in class”.

In Madagascar children dream of the chance to get an education. But for most the obstacles are too great. Remote rural schools lack everything from classrooms, water and toilets to teachers and books. The children themselves are often too hungry or sick to study and the parents can barely afford the fees.

MfM aims to bring hope and prosperity to Madagascar’s forgotten children through an integrated programme for schools, working with communities to provide: classrooms, water, toilets, books, teacher training, environmental education, kitchen gardens, school canteens, solar power, adult literacy and income generating opportunities for parents.

Education for Life is a programme with ambition, with plans to learn, improve and reach out to new schools. To date over 10,000 children from 54 schools, as well as their teachers and parents, have benefited. Many more new schools are queuing up to join the programme.

ADSUM has been a major donor to the Ed4Life project for the last 5 years and continues to support it along with others.


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