Climate change is already taking its toll on Madagascar’s precious people and habitats.

As atmospheric CO2 levels rise, the frequency and intensity of cyclones, floods and droughts is increasing, devastating lives and landscapes.

One person’s return flight from the UK to Madagascar emits 3.3 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere*.

Planting indigenous trees is a simple way to offset these emissions, protect vulnerable habitats and improve livelihoods.

£36 will pay for the planting and aftercare of 36 trees, to offset one return flight from Europe to Madagascar.

*based on online carbon calculator using conversion factors contained in the most recent DEFRA greenhouse gas reporting guidelines.



For those who ‘have everything’, one of our alternative gifts makes a great present that will bring joy to them and hope to the people in Madagascar.

Choose your gift and we will send you a card with details of that gift to pass on to your friend or relative.

When you buy an Alternative Gift you will be supporting the work of Money for Madagascar. Whilst we will try to use your money in the appropriate area, need is the most important criterion so your money will be used where it is most needed.

No Garden No Problem

School vegetable gardens and fruit trees teach children essential cultivation skills and provide good nutrition.

Well-fed children learn more easily.

£7.50 could buy 5 fruit trees and enough vegetable seeds for an average sized school garden.
£15 could buy seeds for 2 gardens.

£13 could buy a training course in urban gardening.

No Garden? No Problem!

Save My Home!

Over 80% of the flora and fauna of Madagascar is found nowhere else in the world but only 20% of its original forest remains and the rich biodiversity is at risk.

Help MfM’s partners to replant primary forest and to save both its unique fauna and its plants which provide the world with many life-saving medicines.

£25 could fund the planting and aftercare of 50 native forest trees

Save my home!

Dying for a toilet

Diarrhoeal disease is one of the biggest killers of children in Madagascar.

Poor hygiene and sanitation are largely to blame. Building hygienic latrines in rural communities can help to  save thousands of lives.

£17.50 could tile a toilet floor

£1,000 could build a whole toilet block

Dying for a toilet


A teacher training workshop

Environmental education is desperately needed to save Madagascar’s precious eco-system and the people who depend upon it. Teachers are clamouring for training so they can inspire their pupils to nurture their environment.

£25 could fund travel, subsistence, and a 3 day residential training course for one teacher and regular support visits to the school throughout the year.


It’s cold on the plateau

Winter frost is rare but not unknown on the high plateau in Madagascar and it’s very cold if you have to sleep on the floor. A thick, warm blanket for an orphan child costs just £13. Sturdy bunk beds cost £60. Will you help MfM to buy some?

£170 could provide beds and blankets for four children at a Malagasy orphanage.

(The gift might suit a school, community or faith group wanting to raise money for a special cause at Christmas)

It's cold on the plateau

Cyclone Relief

If you grow your own food and your whole rice crop is lost in the floods following a cyclone, your family faces starvation.

£15 could buy enough emergency food to feed a family of six for ten days. (How much would you spend on just one meal for one person in the UK?)

Cyclone Relief

Give a Needy Child an Education

The Centre Fihavanana provides pre-school classes for about 100 street children a year to prepare them for state primary education.

Just £15 could buy a term’s education for one child.

A street child could be educated for a whole year for only £45.

Give a street child a future

Lunch for a street kid

£10 could buy a month’s lunches for a street kid.  £20 could pay for lunches for two months.  £60 could buy him or her lunch every day for six months.

Well-nourished children have a much better chance in life.

Lunch for a street kid

Medical care for Street Children

The child on the left has a club foot and cannot walk.  Her parents cannot afford to pay for an operation so she will be disabled for life.

Several children’s lives have already been saved or transformed thanks to the generosity of MfM donors.

Any contribution would be welcome:  £5, £10 or £25

Medical care for Street Children

Baking for the Future

This gift could give a vulnerable teenager the equipment to start her own on-street baking business on completion of her vocational training.

£10 could buy a baking tray and cooking utensils.

£20 could buy all the basic essentials for setting up an on-street bakery.

We all love cake!

Making The Wrigglies Work For The Boys!

Teaching young offenders to make worm compost in discarded plastic bottles and using vegetable matter from the local tip provides them with a skill that they can use to make a living when they are released.

£10 could give two boys some training and worm compost starter kits for when they leave prison.

Training & starter kits

Clean water saves lives!

Dirty water is the cause of countless deaths every year in Madagascar.

To provide fresh drinking water and washing facilities for a community without piped water costs just £7.50 per person.

£15 for two people, or please feel free to provide water for as many people as you like.

Clean water saves lives!

Grow your own dinner!

School vegetable gardens and fruit trees teach children essential cultivation skills and provide good nutrition. Well-fed children learn more easily.


£10 could buy five fruit trees and vegetable seeds

£25 could buy tool sets for 5 children

£50 could buy a complete school garden start-up kit.

Grow your own dinner!

Help create a forest

Trees stabilise the soil, provide shelter for wildlife and much more. Women in Maintirano are ready to plant trees for you! They will plant a variety of trees which will provide useful crops like raphia, fruit and timber, as well as helping our environment.

£20 could fund the planting & aftercare of 50 trees.

Please feel free to give as many trees as you want.

Go on, plant a tree!


Our merchandise is perfect as a gift for a friend or loved one, or as a treat for yourself! And rest assured, proceeds from your purchase will still be used to help fund our work in Madagascar.

Knitted Lemurs!

Buy a lemur knitted by Theresa and raise funds for medical treatment for street children!

23cm (9”) tall

Baby safe, washable.

Cost:  £10.50 inclusive of Postage & Packing 

Orders taken now for Christmas.  It takes a couple of days to knit one of these soft toys and the Christmas post can be slow so please allow plenty of time.


2017 Calendar ONLY £5

This year’s calendar focuses on Malagasy daily life, from simple daily routines to the joyful play of children. Using black and white images, Pierre-Yves Babelon captures the contrasts of Madagascar and the humanity of its remarkable friendly people.

Cost £5.00 each

Calendar 2017