Alternative gifts

For those who ‘have everything’, one of our alternative gifts makes a great present that will bring joy to them and hope to the people in Madagascar. Choose your gift and we will send you a card with its details to give to your friend or relative.

When you buy an Alternative Gift you will be supporting the work of Money for Madagascar. Whilst we will try to use your money in the appropriate area, need is the most important criterion so your money will be used where it is most needed.

We have extended our range of gifts not just for this festive season, but for all year round. There’s some great ideas for ‘Birthdays’, ‘Easter‘,  ‘Anniversaries’ or that special thank you gift for a friend or teacher. We hope you find the perfect gift that will make the world of difference to someone in Madagascar.

Offer warmth and comfort

Blankets, sheets and mattresses are urgently needed for new boys needing refuge at the Akany Avoko boys centre Bevalala.

£15 could buy a warm blanket or help towards buying a £60 mattress.

christmas gift

Put a smile on a child’s face this Christmas

MfM supports 1000 vulnerable and destitute children through the children’s centres we fund. Please help us make this a special Christmas for every child.

£10 could buy a Christmas meal and a Christmas present.

Traditional music lessons

Learning the ‘valiha’, flute or drums gives children confidence and nurtures creativity.

£15 could buy music lessons for one child for a whole year.

Save my home!

Over 80% of the flora and fauna of Madagascar is unique, but heavy deforestation has left only 20% of its original forest. Many endemic species are at risk of extinction, including lemurs who need forest habitat and rare plants which provide life-saving medicines.
Reforestation is essential to save Madagascar’s primary forests.

£30 could fund 10 native trees to be planted & protected.

girl enjoying lunch

Lunch for a child on the street

Well-nourished children have a much better chance in life, but finding food can be tricky for those living on the streets.

£15 could buy lunches for a month for a street child.

learning through play

Learning through play

Educational games provide a great way to learn literacy and numeracy.

£15 could buy educational games for a remote primary school.

Beautiful books

Getting the right resources for school isn’t easy in Madagascar. In a school with almost no books at all, every book you can give will make the world of a difference. Help us fill our school libraries with books.

£10 could provide 4 books for a school library. This would make a great thank you gift for a favourite teacher at the end of term!

Education for a bright future

The Centre Fihavanana provides classes to help kids get off the streets and into mainstream education. Please help give a child a brighter future.

£20 could pay for education for a child for one term.

medical care

Medical care for vulnerable children

In Madagascar, sick children are often unable to get the medical help they desperately need. On arrival at our centres, children are often in very poor health. We provide the medical care needed to restore their health. This can include complex treatments and expensive hospitalisation.

£15 could help a child to receive life-saving medical care.

fruitful investment

Make a fruitful investment

Help us to offer children in rural schools the chance to plant a high-yielding fruit tree at home as an investment in their education.
A fruit tree planted whilst a child is in primary school could bear fruit to finance their secondary education.

£15 could buy 3 fruit trees.


Help a young mum and her baby to make a healthy start

A small fund towards medical and other costs for young mothers at our centres could help provide for the safe arrival and care of a new baby. A start-up parcel of clothes, nappies and a blanket could get a mum and baby off to a safe and happy start.

£35 could help give a new baby a healthy start in life.

small business hairdressing

Small businesses for secure futures

Help a graduate from one of our children’s centres to turn their training into a job. Equipping a young person to start their own business can help them to fend for themselves.

£50 could buy the basic equipment needed for a vulnerable teenager / young adult to set up a small business, for example in hairdressing or catering.

Girl power!

Training & Apprenticeships for vulnerable young women.
Young women need help to find their feet when they graduate from children’s homes (like the Akany Avoko centres). Sponsoring the vocational training or apprenticeship of a vulnerable young woman can help provide hope and security for her to fend for herself.

£30 could pay for 3 months of training.

Home-grown school dinners

Hungry children struggle to concentrate properly. Growing fruit and vegetables at school provides good nutrition and teaches essential cultivation skills.

£12 could buy vegetable seeds for a school kitchen garden.

Kitchen Kits

Camping is fun! But imagine trying to cook for 200 students on a fire outside, often in the rain! Remote rural schools help to set up school canteens with proper kitchens to provide nutritious meals for their hungry students.

£25 could buy an essential piece of kitchen kit, like a pan or a sink. This would make a great present for budding chefs.


Knitted Lemurs!

Buy a lemur knitted by Theresa and raise funds for medical treatment for street children.

23cm (9”) tall.  Baby safe, washable.

£10.50 (inclusive of Postage & Packing)

Orders taken now for Christmas.  It takes a couple of days to knit one of these soft toys and the Christmas post can be slow so please allow plenty of time.

Help offset your flight – plant trees

offset flight

Climate change is already taking its toll on Madagascar’s precious people and habitats. As atmospheric CO2 levels rise, the frequency and intensity of cyclones, floods and droughts is increasing, devastating lives and landscapes.

One traveller’s return flight from the Europe to Madagascar emits about 3.3 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere*. Planting trees is a simple way to offset these emissions, protect vulnerable habitats and improve livelihoods in Madagascar.

Your donations are very important:

£1 can pay to plant 1 tree.

£3 can pay to plant and maintain a tree.

£5 can pay to plant, maintain and protect a tree, by investing in community livelihoods activities which protect the forest and help forest communities to develop sustainable sources of income.

Please choose your donation amount.

For example £36 can offset one return flight from Europe to Madagascar, by planting £36 trees. Of course, you can use Money for Madagascar’s tree-planting scheme to offset any carbon, not just flights to Madagascar.

* based on online carbon calculator using conversion factors contained in the most recent DEFRA greenhouse gas reporting guidelines.

We can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Choose your own donation amount to be used for planting trees.