The Solar United Consortium

With seed funding from The Aeonian Foundation, we have come together to provide affordable solar energy and strengthen education and development.

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Teaching the next generation.

Our Education for Life programme teaches Malagasy children and parents the value of a healthy lifestyle in enabling a good education.

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Adding value by adding forests

Often the best way to protect an old forest is to plant a new one. Money for Madagascar is working with local Malagasy people on projects involving reforestation and sustainable livelihoods.

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Protectingand enabling vulnerable children

Money for Madagascar gives children who have been orphaned, abandoned, abused or homeless a shelter, food, healthcare, education, water, sanitation and loving care.

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Fundraisingto help improve lives in Madagascar.

Fundraising for Money for Madagascar helps us continue and expand our work in Madagascar.

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Inspiringvisitors to discover Madagascar, visit our projects and make a difference

There is nowhere quite as marvellous as Madagascar! The unique forests, friendly villages and lively cities will be remembered long after your trip has ended.

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Money for Madagascar -Malagasy Solutions to Madagascar’s Challenges

Madagascar, whilst famous for its astonishing flora and fauna, is a country in crisis. After decades of economic disarray, levels of income, healthcare and education are amongst the lowest in the world with an estimated 70% of the country living in poverty.  Meanwhile population growth is putting enormous pressure on precious rainforest, more than half of which has disappeared. In response to this social and environmental crisis, UK charity, Money for Madagascar was founded in 1986 to

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Our Projects

Our projects tackle many of the key issues facing Madagascar today: food security, loss of bio-diversity, poor health and extreme poverty. We also respond to emergencies, from cyclone relief to feeding programmes for street kids and their families. With modest resources we have built a record that we, our supporters and our Malagasy partners are proud of.

Protecting & Enabling Vulnerable Children

MfM works to transform the lives of vulnerable children in and around the capital.  Orphaned,

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Forests and Livelihoods

Madagascar’s forests are home to thousands of plants and animals found nowhere else on earth

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Education for Life

  In Madagascar, children dream of the chance to get an education, but for most,

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Disaster Resilience

Madagascar faces natural disasters, usually in the form of cyclones, on an almost annual basis.

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