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“Congratulations MfM on all you have done to help protect Madagascar’s marvellous forests and the many species that live there. Madagascar is the home of a multitude of marvellous creatures that live only there. They urgently need all the help and protection we can give them.”

David Attenborough 23.12.16

What is Tree Twinning?

Tree Twinning is doubling the impact of tree planting by encouraging people to plant trees locally and twin them with trees planted in Madagascar.  

What makes this project different to other tree planting schemes?

Money for Madagascar is the only organisation we know of to Twin Trees.

As an organisation we recognise the interdependence of people and their environment. Under the canopy of Tree Twinning, with Money for Madagascar your investment will go further and have an additional impact on education, health and wider communities not only locally but also internationally.

How we do this

In Madagascar 80% of the plants and animals, such as the lemur, are found nowhere else on earth.

Tree Twinning will directly protect biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and build climate resilience in communities through the adoption of sustainable climate-smart agricultural techniques and diversified livelihoods.

For example, we reforest degraded areas for sustainable coppicing. This has extra benefits of increasing CO2 uptake and reducing pressure on primary forest by giving rural communities sustainable alternatives to felling trees for slash and burn agriculture.

We also reforest rainforests, aiming to join fragments of primary forest and extend the habitat of endangered species.

In addition, something as simple as buying a fruit tree for £5 will invest in future generations.  For example, it will provide nutrition to a young child which may keep them at school, which will give them an education, raising the aspirations of the family and supporting the child, a potential decision maker of the future. (case study?).

In your home country whether you plant trees yourself or choose to fund tree planting, there will be benefits for yourself and others.

There are health improvements from physically planting trees, and breathing cleaner air as a result.  Knowing you are making a difference and have become part of a solution by Tree Twinning also has the potential to impact on wellbeing.

Engagement in or support of tree planting projects benefit society and the community through shared experiences, strengthened local connections and flood prevention, and the cumulative impacts on nature mean that the environment gains, for example through the protection of biodiversity such as habitats for birds and butterflies.

You can also relax in the knowledge that all the work in Madagascar will be done for you, extending the legacy of your contribution.

We want to have fun, and enjoy making a difference through tree planting with the funds we raise. Join us!

How you can get involved

Sign up to be informed as the project develops by contacting Laura at  to join our community, or make a difference now by donating.

For ways to Tree Twin as an individual, family, school, workplace, business or organisation, please see the information below.

If you are interested in becoming a Tree Twinning Partner then please also contact Laura at

Donate Now

Get Involved

For Individuals

For individuals

If you are keen to make a difference by supporting our projects starting now, and would like to make a donation, then please click on one of the following links to do so.

What will I get?

For all donations:

    • Download and personalise a Money for Madagascar Tree Twinning certificate to keep or display
    • Keep or display a map of the main tree planting sites in Madagascar
    • Become part of the Money for Madagascar Community – just leave your contact details when you donate and tick the ‘MfM Community’ box so we know! {Can such a tick box be added to the payment page?}

For ongoing and donations over £250

    • All of the above plus locate your fundraising pledge and logo on our bespoke Money for Madagascar web based tree planting map {link to map lower down the page}.

Some suggested ways to fundraise

    • Arrange or join a lemur bounce
    • Run or walk for MfM
    • There are lots of fun ways to take part and fundraise, from knitting a lemur to wine tasting and Easter egg hunts. Here are more ideas

For Groups

For Groups

Set up a Team


    • Families
    • Schools
    • Community Groups
    • Workplaces
    • Other Groups

Create a new team, e.g. Team Lancaster and set your own goal. Keep each other motivated as you reach for your fundraising targets.

Find an existing team and join them, taking part in their related activities.


What will you get:

    • Support and encouragement from MfM
    • An online team page where you and your team members can add trees and share messages {can this be done/offered}


For Corporate Opportunities

For Corporate Opportunities

There are opportunities for companies and businesses from one person bands to large corporations.

Benefits to your business could include:

- increasing sales through publicising your commitment to planting trees by promising to donate x amount to us for every x number of units sold.
- Positive publicity and feel good factor for your brand

Get in touch to discuss your best options to get involved.

How does it work?

    • Apply to be a partner
    • Set up monthly payments at a level that suits you
      • Hawthorn - regular giving of £25 a month
      • Silver birch – regular giving of £50 a month
      • Oak – regular giving of £100 a month
      • Baobab – regular giving of £250 plus per month
    • What will I get?
      All partners
      • increase your sales by donating per unit sold
      • Carbon-mitigate for your business
Oak and Baobab members - Names and logos on the Money for Madagascar site
Baobab members – all the above, plus names and logos included in select outgoing publicity

For Legacies

Legacies of Hope

Leave a gift in your will

Without gifts left in wills, our work simply wouldn’t be possible.  Legacies fund a significant part of everything we do for forests and trees.  That's creating and restoring forests, protecting those still left, and reversing damage and neglect to native trees in Madagascar.


Your gift could do great things

Without legacies, hundreds of threatened unique forests would have been lost, and millions of trees wouldn't have been planted.  By remembering forests and trees in your will, you’ll leave a lasting gift that makes a real difference.
Whatever its size, you can rest assured that any gift you leave will be spent where it’s needed most – to benefit forests and trees, and the wildlife that relies on them.


Pledge a legacy gift

If you’ve already remembered Money for Madagascar in your will or are thinking about doing so, we’d love to hear from you.  We’d like to show you our appreciation and ensure you receive information that’s relevant to you.


Leaving the gift that’s right for you

We understand your loved ones come first, but if you do choose to remember Money for Madagascar in your will, thank you.
Making a will is all about ensuring your wishes count, and we would strongly recommend obtaining independent professional advice.

Discuss your wishes

Our friendly team is on hand to talk things through and help make the choice that works for you.
Call us on XXXXXXXXX or email for a confidential chat.



For Major Donations and Philanthropy

Major Donations and Philanthropy.

Major gifts and donations received by the Money for Madagascar have the power to transform landscapes, mitigate climate change, protect wildlife and improve lives in Madagascar.


We are facing a crisis for climate and nature.  Trees play an essential role in mitigating this crisis.  They lock up carbon, provide an alternative to fossil fuel energy, and provide valuable habitat for the critically endangered species of Madagascar.  Forest creation and restoration has never been so urgent or important.

Our passionate team are working every day with inspirational philanthropists across the world to plant and restore beautiful, flourishing forests full of life, and to inspire thousands of Malagasy who are reliant on forest livelihoods to find alternative methods and to enjoy protecting their natural world.


What your gift could achieve

We know that when you give at a significant level, you want your gift to make as much impact as possible and to bring about change.
Your philanthropic gift could:
  • help save some of the Madagascar's most precious, unique and irreplaceable habitats from destruction.
  • restore damaged and vulnerable forests, bringing back dappled sunlight and creating the conditions for specialist plants to thrive once again.
  • plant the trees we urgently need to redress the balance for people and nature.
  •  educate farmers and people reliant on the forests for livelihoods to find alternative methods of farming.


How we spend your money

We can’t do our work without you. Every pound you give bolsters our fighting funds, pays for hard graft in our woods and gets trees in the ground. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what your money is helping to achieve.
See where your money goes


Our commitment to you

Your gift will make a transformational difference. In turn we promise to:
  • ensure your gift is allocated according to your wishes.
  • allocate a dedicated member of our team to support you in your work with Money for Madagascar
    invite you to experience, first hand, the work you are supporting so you can see what a difference you make.


  • regularly report on the impact of your support.
  • give you the opportunity to connect with our staff and senior leadership.


  • invite you to exclusive events to connect with other, like-minded supporters. 
  • make sure you feel fantastic for having made such an incredible and positive contribution.


Contact us

If you are interested in making a major gift or donation to the Money for Madagascar, or want to know how your support can make a big difference, please get in touch.
Email:  Laura at or call her on          .



The Money for Madagascar Community – more information

We are inviting new members to join us as we create a local and international tree planting community. You are welcome to engage and take part as much or as little as you wish.

Ways you can get involved include:

– Join MfM events such as concerts and walks, meeting and sharing experiences with others in the wider MfM community

– Volunteer for MfM and gain skills click here to find out more.

– Be kept in the loop of what’s happening through regular communications such as newsletters

– Engage with us on Social Media – and invite your friends to do the same

– Have fun fund-raising – Create or join a team, set your target and fundraise!

– Enjoy the process of combatting climate change together!

Contact Laura at project-officer@moneyformadagascar to find out more.


If you would like to find out more about the valuable reforestation work we are doing in Madagascar, please visit the following links:

Betampona, home of the endangered Indri lemur

Mitsinjo. {Insert key line}.

SAF-Maintirano {Insert key line}

WtDM (Working to Develop Madagascar). {Insert key line}.


View our tree planting partners.




(Insert lemur here?)

“ …and later, we can say ‘it all seems impossible until it is done’.”
Solo RALISAONA, Coordinator of NGO WtdM, Antananarivo



We look forward to hearing from you

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