Tree Twinning with Money for Madagascar

After filming MfM’s Reforestation work with the BBC in Andasibe-Mantadia, SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH  sent us these words of support…


“Congratulations MfM on all you have done to help protect Madagascar’s marvellous forests and the many species that live there. Madagascar is the home of a multitude of marvellous creatures that live only there.  They urgently need all the help and protection we can give them.”

David Attenborough 23.12.16

What is Tree Twinning?

Tree Twinning is a simple way to double the impact of tree planting: 

1. Choose a tree in your local community, this can be an old favorite or a new one you are planting.

2. Donate £5 to MfM to pay for a new tree to be planted, maintained and protected in Madagascar.

3. Spread the word to grow the forest…. Encourage your friends and colleagues to join the Tree-Twins.


MfM recognises the interdependence of people and their environment.  When you sponsor a tree with MfM you will help to restore a forest, and improve the health and livelihoods of the people who depend on the forests – both locally and internationally.


What makes Tree Twinning special?

      • Tree-Twins connect people and grow forests.

      • Whether you twin your favourite tree in your street, or plant a grove of trees to off-set your company’s carbon… Anyone can be a Tree-Twin!

      • The trees that you sponsor will directly help to mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity.

      • Investing in Tree Twinning means you will improve the livelihoods of highly vulnerable people in Madagascar, and at the same time have a positive impact in your home community.

      • Money for Madagascar is the only organisation to currently Twin Trees in this way.


How Tree-Twinning restores forest communities:

In Madagascar 80% of the plants and animals are found nowhere else on earth. Tree Twinning directly protects biodiversity, mitigates climate change, and strengthens communities.  We don’t just plant trees and walk away.  We work with the communities who plant the trees so that both people and plants flourish together, sustainably.

For example, in Andasibe Mantadia we work with the forest community to plant forest corridors, to rejoin isolated fragments of forest.  At the same time we support these communities to adopt sustainable food growing techniques, which can improve the nutrition of their families without destroying the rainforest.  Our long-term programmes include funding for the maintenance and protection of reforested areas.  Cooperation and coordination with local authorities and environmental agencies add to the long-term protection of the trees we plant.

In the far West we work with women’s cooperatives and youth groups to reforest barren planes with wood-lots which prevent desertification and provide a sustainable source of fuel and timber.  This also increases CO2 uptake and reduces pressure on primary forests.



Tree planting and conservation is also central to our education work in over 60 schools and children’s centres.  So far, 10,000 children have planted fruit trees at school to invest in their nutrition and their education.  Tree-Twins can be fruit trees too!  We need individuals and businesses to donate £5 for a child to plant a fruit tree in their yard, so they can invest in their education – in time they will have fruit to sell to pay their school fees and even shade to sit in to do their homework!

Tree-Twinning is about doubling positive impact!  We know planting trees makes us feel healthier and happier and is better for the environment.  So Let’s double the impact and feel twice as happy!


Anyone can Tree-Twin! Please read on to find out how you can get involved as an individual, family, school, workplace, business or organisation….

If you are interested in receiving updates, or want to know more about ways to become a Tree Twinning Partner with MfM then please also contact us at



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The Money for Madagascar Community – more information

We are inviting new members to join us as we create a local and international tree planting community.  You are welcome to engage and take part as much or as little as you wish.

Ways you can get involved include:

– Join MfM events such as concerts and walks, meeting and sharing experiences with others in the wider MfM community

– Volunteer for MfM and gain skills click here to find out more.

– Be kept in the loop of what’s happening through regular communications such as newsletters

– Engage with us on Social Media – and invite your friends to do the same

– Have fun fundraising – Create or join a team, set your target and fundraise!

– Enjoy the process of combating climate change together!

Contact admin@moneyformadagascar to find out more.


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View our tree planting partners.



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