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THERE IS NOWHERE QUITE AS MARVELOUS AS MADAGASCAR! The unique forests, friendly villages and lively cities will be remembered long after your trip has ended. Sadly, alongside the beauty, you cannot fail to notice the extreme poverty that is leaving so many Malagasy people with little access to nutrition, clean water, healthcare or education. This poverty is putting enormous pressure on Madagascar’s unique habitats, resulting in mass deforestation and the risk of extinction for thousands of species found nowhere else on earth.

The people and ecosystems of Madagascar are teetering on the brink of survival, but there is always hope. Over the past 30 years, Money for Madagascar (MfM) has helped thousands of people achieve a better quality of life whilst protecting their environment.

While discovering the beautiful ‘Red Island’, why not get involved in helping Madagascar with MfM?



All MfM projects are run by dedicated Malagasy staff who would be delighted to show you their work. You can arrange a visit through your tour operator or by contacting us directly:

• Whilst in the capital, take the opportunity to visit one of the programmes we support for street kids, young mothers and orphans. Witness first-hand the transformative value of providing education, food and healthcare to vulnerable young people. If you are able to take along basic medication, first aid supplies, stationery, clothes or left over Malagasy currency, these will be gratefully received.

• Visit one of our ‘Education for Life’ schools in Itasy, Antsirabe and Toamasina and see the enthusiasm of children, hungry to learn, who are relishing the chance to enjoy a decent education.

• Do you want to help restore Madagascar’s rainforest? Now’s your chance! MfM supports the pioneering work of Mitsinjo to plant wildlife corridors around the Andasibe national park. The local community are literally replanting the rainforest. Take the chance to plant your own tree!

See where our projects are on our Google Map.

Akany Avoko Ambohidratrimo (AAA)

Akany Avoko Ambohidratrimo (AAA)

(located near Ivato Airport just 15km from Tana)


Home for more than a hundred destitute children.  The kids are offered the chance to live in a loving, secure environment whilst receiving nutritious food and a great education.


Activities for Tourists

Visit for (1-3) hours from 9 to 12 when you can appreciate:

• the eco-friendly system developed as the centre aims for self-sufficiency in electricity, water, food, and fuel
• children studying in the classrooms
• young people attending vocational training
• young people cooking lunch together

Akany Avoko Ambohidratrimo can offer lunches and lodging. Three guest houses can accommodate up to 15 people and a dormitory for groups up to 40 people. To book lunch, contact Mme Olivia one day in advance.

Akany Avoko Faravohitra (AAF)

Akany Avoko Faravohitra

(located in central Tana near the palace and museum)


Home to 80 teenaged girls. Rescued from destitution the girls are offered the chance to live in a loving, secure environment whilst receiving nutritious food and a great education.



Activities for Tourists

Visit for one (1) hour from 9:30 to 10:30 or 2.30 to 3:30 when you can:

• tour the centre and learn about its vital work to help vulnerable girls. • meet young people and see their activities - hairdressing, baking, craft production, school lessons. • experience a traditional song / dance.

Traditional songs and dancing may be performed by the girls depending on the time / day of the visit. Basketry, embroidery and other items made by the girls during their training may be purchased as souvenirs.

Centre Fihavanana (Sisters of Good Shepherd)

Centre Fihavanana (Sisters of Good Shepherd)

(located in Mahamasina area of central Tana)

Madagascar’s underfunded education system is barely able to provide a basic primary education to pupils in mainstream schooling.

For over a decade, MfM has sponsored the salaries of teachers at this day centre. Here 150 homeless and vulnerable children from the poor parts of Tana are given a hand up to help them rejoin society. They receive catch-up classes, medical care, social work support and hot meals. Teenaged girls also receive vocational training to help them to find employment.

Activities for Tourists

Visit for one and a half hour between 9 and 11 when you can appreciate children studying in class

Akany Hasina

Akany Hasina

(located in Ambohidrabiby 25km just over a one hour drive away from Tana)

Ambohidrabiby is one of the 12 sacred hills of Imerina, which have great historical significance for Merina people in Madagascar.  MfM supports a cultural centre where around 60 children from surrounding villages are improving their English and learning and performing traditional dance and music.

Activities for tourists

Visit for one hour from 8:30 to 9:30 and come and see:
• traditional dance performed by children under the sound of melodious Malagasy “valiha” and drums.
• Watch or help with student’s English classes

Association Mitsinjo

Forest restoration in Torotorofotsy Wetland.

(located in Andasibe, Moramanga)

Association Mitsinjo is one of stakeholders contributing to preserving the 4th Ramsar site of Torotorofotsy in Madagascar. Its intervention focuses on the restoration of natural corridors in 293 ha degraded forest, which used to be habitat of endemic and threatened species, while improving farmers’ livelihoods.


Activities for Tourists

The protected area managed by Association Mitsinjo is located next to the National Park of Andasibe,140km (2 ½ hours drive) from Antananarivo. There you will be able to see lemurs and endemic fauna and flora including beautiful orchids and also local handicrafts made by a local women’s association.

Allow for a 3-hour visit: The site of Torotorofotsy is 7km from Andasibe village and can be reached by car or bike. After a short walk in the mountain, you will be able to see forest restoration activities led by farmers including work in the tree nursery, tree planting and forest maintenance.

You can combine the trip with a circuit in the Mitsinjo forest to discover endemic species like the Indri Indri lemur or Parson’s chameleons, etc.(10eur for short circuit, 15eur for full circuit). Association Mitsinjo can also offer rooms at Tsierena Guest House where you can taste delicious food made by M. Alain’s great cook!

Education for Life Programme

Education for Life Programme

Supporting more than 54 schools across 6 regions. Visits can be arranged to the most accessible schools in the following regions:

• Analamanga (Tana outskirts)
• Itasy
• Antsirabe

In Madagascar children dream of the chance to get an education. But for most the obstacles are too great. Remote rural schools lack everything from classrooms, water and toilets, to teachers and books. The children themselves are often too hungry or sick to study and the parents can barely afford the fees.

MfM aims to bring hope and prosperity to Madagascar’s forgotten children through an integrated programme,
working with communities to provide: classrooms, water, toilets, books, teacher-training, environmental education,
kitchen gardens, school canteens and solar power.


Activities for Tourists

You can choose your destination with the local partners. There are 34 schools integrated in this “Education for Life” programme.

During a 2-hour visit in each school, you will see main activities including:

• Meet students and teachers. Find out about how they are striving to improve their educational opportunities.
• See the students studying/playing/singing.
• Visit the school kitchen garden/school canteen.
• You would be welcome to bring donations of school supplies/teaching resources like posters or balls for sport.

To arrange to visit our projects please contact us at or our tour guide Ony Rakotoarivelo at



The people we work with live so far below the bread line (or perhaps we should say ‘rice line’ ) that almost anything would be very welcome! Here are some ideas of gifts that would be greatly appreciated at our projects:

    • Any school supplies eg white boards & whiteboard pens;
    • craft or sewing materials inc embroidery threads;
    • first aid including medicines like children’s vitamins/paracetamol syrup (like Calpol)/E45 or Sudacrem as many children have problems with their skin when they first arrive at a centre;
    • baby clothes & children’s clothes;
    • puzzles, jigsaws and games with minimal language content;
    • any balls especially a football/basket ball and pump;
    • balloons; picture books and educational posters;
    • music and language-learning CDs;
    • or even an unneeded laptop (please supply a 2 French pin adaptor)!



One person’s return flight from Europe to Madagascar is responsible for emitting 3.3 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere*. Planting trees is a simple and effective way to mitigate these emissions, protect vulnerable habitats and improve livelihoods.

£66 will pay for the planting and aftercare of 13 trees*; mitigating your individual return flight.

*Trees for Life carbon calculation


Our work depends on the support of individuals like you. Your donation will really make a difference to some of the most vulnerable people on earth. Please give them the chance to build a better future for themselves and ensure that Madagascar’s unique environment is preserved for generations to come.



“Congratulations MfM on all you have done to help protect Madagascar’s marvellous forests and the many species that live there.
Madagascar is the home of a multitude of marvellous creatures that live only there.  They urgently need all the help and protection we can give them.” David Attenborough 23.12.16



Money for Madagascar – Leaflet for tourists

Information sheet about visiting our projects

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