Alternative Gifts

For those who ‘have everything’, one of our alternative gifts makes a great present that will bring joy to them and hope to the people in Madagascar. Choose your gift and we will send you a card with its details to give to your friend or relative.

When you buy an Alternative Gift you will be supporting the work of Money for Madagascar. Whilst we will try to use your money in the appropriate area, need is the most important criterion so your money will be used where it is most needed.

We have extended our range of gifts not just for this festive season, but for all year round. There’s some great ideas for ‘Birthdays’, ‘Easter‘, ‘Anniversaries’ or that special thank you gift for a friend or teacher. We hope you find the perfect gift that will make the world of difference to someone in Madagascar.

The gift card front is as shown. The label inside of the chosen gift will be as show when possible.

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