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Fancy doing something fun to raise funds for Money for Madagascar? Whether you like running, jumping or reading books, we can help you find a way to turn your favourite activities into a fundraiser for MfM’s life-changing work in Madagascar. This year we’ve got some great challenges planned, from lemur bouncing to running to Madagascar! If you’d prefer to do your own thing, check out our fundraising A to Z for inspiration! We’d love to know what you’re planning, so please get in touch and let us know what you are up to. We’ll do our best to help in any way we can.

A is for Abseil, Activity Day and Afternoon Tea

ABSEIL:  The more adventurous the location, the better.  Perhaps down the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster?

ACTIVITIES DAY:  Organise an activity day where a variety of people can take part in a range of activities. It can involve families, school classes or teams.

AEROBICS:  Organise a sponsored aerobathon. Get local sports clubs and leisure centres involved. Get sports shops to sponsor the event.

AFTERNOON TEA:  Arrange an afternoon tea party where you can hold a raffle, auction, tombola, games and perhaps even musical accompaniment.

AIR MILES:  Collect Air Miles and collate them together. Either raffle or auction the Air Miles.

ALUMINIUM COLLECTION:  Collect Aluminium cans at work and home and sell tins to a recycling company.

ARTS/CRAFTS STALL:  The opportunity is either to make all the crafts yourself or rent out pitches to local people who can sell their wares to the public.

ART EXHIBITION:  Encourage local artists to exhibit their work. Charge an entrance fee and commission.

AS NEW SALE:  An “as new sale” is another name for a jumble sale. The event can be held in an evening and organised to resemble a shop rather than a jumble sale. This needs time and commitment for sorting the clothes, and where necessary washing and ironing them before the sale to increase the price.

AUCTIONS:  Original auction of items that are donated or sold on behalf of the donor and you take a percentage of the fee or sale of the item.

AUCTION OF PROMISES:  A variation on the auction theme, where you auction off promises made by people or local businesses. These can be anything from mowing a lawn, to meal or theatre tickets.

B is for BBQ and Bad Tie Day

BAD HAIR DAY:  A sponsored event – spend a day at work with the worst hair style imaginable!

BAD TIE DAY:  Sponsored event – with a prize for the “best” worst tie.

BADGE MAKING:  Make a range of badges to sell at a craft fair, at work or amongst friends.

BAKED BEAN BATH:  Get sponsored to sit in a bath of Baked Beans for a day.

BALLOON RACE:  Sell balloons that are filled with helium. The purchaser’s name and address are written on a tag fixed to the balloon. The balloon that travels the furthest wins a prize.

BARBEQUE:  Always a winner, especially in the summer. Couple this with games like cricket or rounders or even some music to make a really good atmosphere.

BARN DANCE:  Traditional country music is still popular. There are many companies that offer a good caller and lively music.

BATTLE OF THE BANDS:  Invite local “unknown” bands to play in front of an audience. The winners get a cash sum. Charge an entry fee for the bands and the audience. Organise a bar to add to your takings. Try to get record producers and music press interested as an incentive for bands to take part.

BEAT THE GOALIE:  Traditional fairground game where the competitor tries to score past a goal keeper. Score a goal and win a prize.

BED PUSH:  Sponsored bed pushes are great fun. The ‘bed’ can be any sort, from a hospital bed to a four poster – perhaps even a three piece suite!

BEER FESTIVAL:  Beer festivals can be as large or small as you wish. The event can last an evening or be continued over a few days. The festival could involve beers from around the world. Don’t forget to cater for non-beer drinker. Ensure that there is enough entertainment to keep everyone amused. A couple of stalls and some food can also increase your takings. Check what the licensing laws permit.

BINGO:  An evening of bingo is great fun and a great way to raise money.

BIRTHDAY PRESENTS:  Why not ask people to make a donation to Money for Madagascar instead of buying you a birthday or anniversary present?  If the giver pays tax, Money for Madagascar can claim an extra 25% in gift aid.   Please contact the office team for a gift aid form or download one from the resources page.

BOARD GAMES EVENING:  Organise an evening of board games. Charge per game or an entrance fee. Possibly have prizes for the winners.

BOAT RACE:  Organise a boat race where local organisations build model boats and race them down the river. Variations can also include full size boats, yachts, dinghies and canoes.

BOAT TRIPS:  If you have a river or canal nearby, a boat trip is an ideal way to spend an evening. Try to add refreshments and entertainment.

BONNY BABY COMPETITION:  Invite people to enter a competition to put their baby into the limelight and charge per entry. Approach the local press, radio and shopping centres with a view to advertise and hold the competition. Try to get prizes donated from child friendly shops and organisations or approach them for sponsorship. Perhaps enlist a photographer to take photos and charge a fee for them too.

BOOK SALE:  Selling second hand books is a great way for people to get rid of old books and raise money. If you can’t sell what’s left many dealers will purchase left over stock.

BOTTLE STALL:  A Traditional stall which works best at large events like fairs and coffee mornings. Try to get bottles and cans donated by large shopping centres and manufacturers.

BOUNCY CASTLE:  Although this initially can be quite expensive, its amazing how much money you can raise with a children’s sideshow. If you are organising a family event, it’s definitely worth investigating.

BUNGEE JUMP:  A fantastic way to gain sponsorship.

BURN’S NIGHT:  A Scottish based theme evening with haggis, neeps and tatties and Scottish dancing. Charge entry and hold a Scottish based raffle.

BUS PULL:  Involve a group of people to pull a bus a set distance and be sponsored for the event. Try to get sponsorship from a large organisation. Alternatively, it could be a competition with teams pulling the bus against the clock over a shorter distance.

C is for Car Wash, Cake Stall and Coffee Morning

CAKE STALL:  A traditional stall to sell donated cakes.  It works well at a larger event like a fair or coffee morning.

CANDLE MAKING:  Why not make candles and sell them at craft fairs and coffee mornings?

CAR BOOT SALE:  Organise a car boot sale in the community and sell pitches.

CAR TREASURE HUNT:  Rather than a traditional treasure hunt around a local town, this type of treasure hunt is a real challenge as well as good fun.

CAR WASH:  Set up a car wash service. This can be best run from a local car park (supermarkets are ideal) where you wash cars while people do their shopping. You can even do it in fancy dress to add a bit of originality.

CAROL SINGING:  A traditional way to raise funds during the Christmas period. In order to collect from a private residence you may require a licence. Carol singing in large groups is safer and gains a much better response.

CHILDREN’S PARTY:  Organise children’s parties or activity sessions. This is an ideal fundraiser if you are close to a beach or local field. Be careful of childminding and make sure that you check out the relevant childcare practices.

COFFEE MORNING:  By having an open house and organising other stalls (cake stall, bring and buy, raffle etc) you can make a substantial amount from a very social event.

COLLECTION BOXES:  Probably the oldest method of raising funds. Please talk to the fundraising team before you go ahead.

CONCERT:  Concerts can vary widely. You may be putting on the performance yourself or bring in entertainers.

COOKERY DEMONSTRATION:  Inviting a chef from a local restaurant to let you in on the secrets of the trade is a real crowd puller. You might even hold your own “master chef”.

CRAFT FAIR:  Craft fairs are an opportunity for local craftspeople to sell their wares. You may also produce crafts to sell at the fair.

CRICKET MATCH:  Hold a cricket match and afternoon activity. Challenge your County cricket team to a match or invite some star cricketers or celebrities to take part.

CROSSWORD COMPETITION:  Holding a crossword competition as a sideshow is a relatively new concept. Produce a very large crossword on a board and get people to pay to answer a clue. Hidden behind each number is a raffle ticket that may win a prize.

D is for Darts Match, Disco and Dress Down Day (DDD)

DARTS MATCH:  Put out the challenge to local pub teams to compete for a trophy, cash prizes or beer!

DISCO:  A disco can complement another event or be an event in it’s own right.  You might theme your disco to make it more interesting.

DANCE-OFF:  School pupils or community groups such as Scouts or Brownies can practice routines in return for sponsorship.

DOG SHOW:  A dog show is the perfect opportunity for people to show off their pets. Maybe a local pet shop will provide sponsorship or donate a prize?

DRESS DOWN DAY:  Why not have a dress down day at work, where everyone pays to wear casual clothes for the day?


E is for Easter Egg Hunt or Eyebrow Shave

EASTER EGG HUNT:  Children of all ages love Easter Eggs. Charge people to enter the hunt. Try to get donations from local sweet shops or manufacturers.

EYEBROWS:  Shave them off for sponsorship. They will grow back – eventually!

F is for Fancy Dress, Fashion Show, Fete or Football

FANCY DRESS:  Dressing up in fancy dress can add fun to any event. Holding a fancy dress competition for children is an excellent money spinner.

FASHION SHOW:  Many local businesses will support a fashion show in aid of charities. Any sales made on the day should include a commission to you.

FOOTBALL MATCH:  Why not hold a sponsored fancy dress football match?

FOREIGN COINS:  Ask friends, family and colleagues to gather their coins left over from their holidays and give them to you. Once you have a substantial amount change it into sterling and add it to your fundraising.

FUN DAY:  Organise fun, games and entertainment for colleagues or families at a local sports club or friendly pub. You can incorporate traditional fete games, stalls and even a bouncy castle.

FURNITURE STALLS:  Organise a furniture sale in a large hall and take a commission from the price of the sale. You can also sell donated items of furniture and surplus office equipment.

G is for Garden Party, Gardening or Garage Sale

GARAGE SALE:  A garage sale is a good way to raise some quick money. Clear out the garage, shed and attic of all your unwanted goods.

GARDEN PARTY:  An open garden or garden party is a very sociable way to raise funds. You can also run stalls and offer refreshments. Don’t forget the strawberries and cream.

GARDENING:  Offer a gardening service.

GUNGE TANK:   A great sideshow if you are organising a local fete.

H is for Head Shave, Halloween Party or Hook a Duck

HALLOWEEN PARTY:  Plenty of traditional games can be played!

HEAD SHAVE:  A sponsored event – very quick – and a great way to raise money.

HOOK A DUCK:  A traditional fair game where the competitor hooks a duck that has a number on the bottom. Certain numbers win a prize.

HOOPLA:  Another old style game where you throw a hoop over a prize to win it.

HOUSEHOLD SALE:  Similar to a garage sale, but organised from a local hall.

I is for Inflatable, Ironing or Indoor Market

INDOOR MARKET:  Creating a market offers local traders the opportunity to set up a stall outside their normal shops with you either selling pitches or taking a cut of the profits.

INFLATABLE:  In addition to the bouncy castle, there are many different types of inflatable that you can rent out including water accessories, fly walls, boxing rings and gladiator courts.

IRONING:  Everybody hates it! Why not charge people to do their ironing? Charge per item or per bundle.

IT’S A KNOCKOUT:  A revival of the 80’s game show where teams compete in the most ridiculous games and in the most ridiculous costumes! A perfect family fun day.

J is for Jazz Festival, Jumper Day or Jewellery

JAZZ FESTIVAL:  A jazz festival is a great evening’s entertainment that pulls together the key elements of fundraising – music and food.

JUMPER DAY:  Get school friends or workmates to wear wacky jumpers for a day for a donation.

JEWELLERY MAKING:  Making items of jewellery and selling them at craft fairs is an excellent way to raise funds.

K is for Knitting or Karaoke

KARAOKE:  Hire a machine, a room and a well stocked bar and you will be amazed how little encouragement people will need to take part!

KNITTING:  Organise a sponsored knit-a-thon or accept donations for knitting clothing for friends and neighbours.

KNIT A LEMUR:   Why not use our Lemur pattern to knit a cuddly lemur.  You can opt to pay for the pattern, sell the first lemur for MfM or donate a percentage to MfM.  The choice is yours.

KNIT A LEMUR TAIL:   Why not just knit some lemur tails to help a local school doing a lemur bounce.

L is for Legacy

LEAVE A GIFT IN YOUR WILL:  Leaving a donation in your will to Money for Madagascar is a way to leave a legacy and help us care for local people for years to come. Click here for more details.

M is for Marathons, Medieval Evening or Mini Olympics

MARATHONS:  The traditional marathon is a great event to get sponsored in and complete the 26 mile race. There are plenty of half and mini-marathons around too.

MATES’ MILE:  Get a group of friends together and walk, cycle, or jog a mile – or complete the distance by any means you can think of!

MEDIEVAL EVENING:  A medieval banquet followed by jousting and entertainment is a great theme event.

MILE OF PENNIES:  In a local shopping area try to make a mile of pennies. Get shoppers to lay their pennies next to each other until they stretch out to a mile.

MINI OLYMPICS:  Invite colleagues, friends and their families to participate in a range of sports and games. You can also sell refreshments.

N is for Nature Trail or New Year Resolutions

NATURE TRAIL:  Plan a local nature trail and offer guided walks that highlight key areas of natural beauty. Alternatively, produce leaflets with the walk detailed and ask for donations.

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS:  Lots of people make them, but how many keep them? Challenge people to get sponsored and keep their resolutions longer than normal.

O is for Orienteering or Opera Night

OPEN GARDEN:  Offer to open one or more gardens to the public and charge for visitors. You can also organise stalls, refreshments and the sale of fruit and vegetables.

OPERA NIGHT:  A night of opera is a great way to raise funds and bring opera to the local community.

ORIENTEERING:  There are many orienteering competitions that can be organised to raise funds by charging entrants and organising additional fund raising activities.

OUTWARD BOUND:  Another popular sponsored event that can include climbing, hiking, camping and other sports.

P is for Parachute Jump, Poker night and Parties

PAINTBALL COMPETITION:  This game is professionally organised, but you can run challenges to raise funds.

PANCAKE RACES:  Why not organise a pancake race at work, school or in a shopping centre? Ask for sponsorship from teams and donations from spectators.

PANTOMIME:  A fun way of raising funds that gives every organisation the chance to perform and entertain.

PARACHUTE JUMP:  Another idea for the daredevils of fundraising! If you’re interested, please contact the fundraising team and we can put you in touch with organisations that can help.

PARTIES:  Many parties are organised to raise funds through an entrance fee or by having other fundraising events.

POKER NIGHT.   Why not organise a poker night with a percentage going to the winner(s) and a percentage going to MfM.  Increase the ticket price by including food.

PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT:  Another popular fundraiser if you are running a fete or fundraising event.

Q for Quizzes or Quitting

QUIZZES:  Everyone loves a quiz!  Holding a regular quiz in a pub, community centre or sports club can keep a flow of funds coming in.  Many pubs are willing to support this kind of event as it brings in extra custom.

QUIT FOR 30 DAYS:  Ask people to sponsor you to give up something you love for a month, from chocolate to TV!

R is for Race Night or Raffle

RACE NIGHT:  Race nights bring a whole new meaning to horse racing. The “punters” place bets on horses and the race is shown on a large screen. There are normally about eight races over the night. There are also variations on the theme including greyhound racing and motor sports.

RAFFLE:  One of the most well used and successful ways of raising funds.

RAFT RACE:  A group of teams compete in a raft race over a set distance.

S is for Swear box, Santa and Swim-a-Thon

SANTA’S GROTTO:  No Christmas fair is complete without a grotto.

SCAVENGER HUNT:   A scavenger hunt is a form of treasure hunt where each team is given a list of items that they have to find and collect. The winning team is the one who collects the most.

SHOE SHINE:  Organise a shoe shine stall in a shopping centre or railway station. This is often more profitable on a weekday rather than a weekend.

SIT IN A BATH:  Get sponsorship to sit in a bath of… Beans, maggots, cold tea, in fact anything that takes your fancy – or not. Try to locate your event in an area that will generate lots of coverage – for example a shopping centre.

SWEAR BOX:  Try getting your work, local pub or sports club to have a swear box to boost your funds.

SWIM-A-THON:  Another favoured sponsored event, either swimming for a set distance or period of time.

T is for Table Top Sale, Tombola or Treasurer Hunt

TABLE TOP SALE:  Another variation on a car boot sale. Unlike the car boot sale you provide a table for each stallholder. As it’s an indoor event you’re not reliant on the weather.

TALENT COMPETITION:  This is an opportunity for local performers to compete against each other and showcase their talent. Charge a minimal entry fee to cover your costs and then charge for admission. Try to get a prize donated. Maybe a local business will sponsor the whole event?

TEN PIN BOWLING:  Another favourite funding raising event. A charity match is a great way to raise money.

TOMBOLA:  Another traditional fund raising idea.

TOY SALE:  Children grow out of toys quite quickly. If you organise this event before Christmas you could be on to a winner!

TREASURE HUNT:  Teams compete against each other to complete a course to find treasure by following a set of clues.

TUCK SHOP:  A tuck shop is a great addition to any event, especially if you expect lots of children to be there.

U is for Underwear Party or Unwanted Presents

UNDERWEAR PARTY:  For the adults! A variation on the party theme that can also become a fashion show too!

UNWANTED PRESENTS:  Why not offer a place for people to give you any unwanted Christmas presents that you can sell off to raise money.

V is for Variety Show and Vehicle Rally

VARIETY SHOW:  A variety show can bring all sorts of performers together to create a wealth of artistic talent. They made be comedians, magicians, singers, dancers or musicians.

VEHICLE RALLY:  Organise a motor show for classic vehicles and motorbikes. The fascination in old historical vehicles draws massive crowds and when promoted properly will attract a wide and exciting range of vehicles.

W is for Walking, Waxing and Wine Tasting

WALKS:  Sponsored walks (short and long) are very popular events.

WASTE PAPER COLLECTION:  Collect waste paper, mainly newspapers and magazines for recycling.

WAXING:  A chance for the boys to see what the girls go through! Wax chest or legs and get sponsored.

WEIGHT OF THE CAKE:  A traditional fair game where the person who correctly guesses the weight of the cake wins the cake.

WELLY THROWING:  A good competition to hold at fetes where people compete to throw a wellington boot the furthest.

WINDSCREEN WASH:  A variation on the car wash idea. This one works well at motorway service stations during the summer. Make sure that you get permission from the garage owner first.

WINE & CHEESE EVENING:  A very popular way to raise funds. Encourage local supermarkets to donate wine and cheese as a promotional opportunity. You can also combine it with the next item on the list.

WINE TASTING:  Many wine companies offer tasting sessions for local organisations.  Make sure that you receive a commission for every bottle that is sold.

X is for Xmas Hampers and Dinners

XMAS EVENING:  How about holding an Xmas evening?  From carols and party antics through to Christmas puddings and mince pies.  Don’t forget to invite Santa! Charge and entry, have raffles, Christmas quiz and much more.

XMAS HAMPERS:  Christmas hampers are an excellent way to raise money.  You do not have to keep the hamper to perishable food, you can also include toys and gifts.  Just create your hamper and raffle it at a popular event.  There are lots of events held at Christmas.  Don't forget a hamper is not just for Christmas, why not try one at other times of the year.  You will be surprised how much you can raise.

Y is for Yachting or Yard of Ale

YACHT RACING:  Yachting is a fast growing sport.  Don't worry if you are nowhere near the sea as Land yachting is also popular on flat beaches or grassed areas.

YARD OF ALE:  Challenge people to drink a yard of ale.  The fastest drinker wins a prize.  Charge an entry fee.

Z is for Zodiac and Zumba

ZODIAC EVENING:  Why not look to the stars to help raise you funds? Holding a zodiac evening that offers information on star signs and astrological information is an entertaining way to raise funds.

ZUMBA:  A Latin-inspired dance fitness programme.  Why not hold a Zumbathon?



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