Money for Madagascar Team

Meet the Money for Madagascar Team

Taking bold steps to strengthen Malagasy-led conservation and development.

We are a proudly Malagasy-led development charity, founded and registered in the UK with registration in Madagascar underway. Below, you can meet some of our team. We are growing our work so that more team members will appear soon!

Feel free to contact us to meet the team or discuss how we could work together.

Co-Directors: Lova Rasoalinoro & Irenee Rajaona-Horne

Lova is committed to serving her country by using her knowledge and skills to enable Malagasy people to work their way out of poverty in ways that do not harm the natural environment. Lova is an expert in community-based environment and development projects. Prior to joining MfM in 2019, she worked for over 10 years on the design, implementation and evaluation of community-based natural resource management projects in Madagascar on behalf of various international organisations. For the past 5 years, she has used her strong analytical and managerial skills to truly serve vulnerable Malagasy communities, whose interests are central to all MfM’s work. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environment and International Development from the University of East Anglia, for which she won a prestigious Chevening scholarship. She has a background in agronomy with an M. Phil (equivalent) in Forestry and Rural Development from the University of Antananarivo.


Irenee Rajaona-Horne is a Malagasy-British dual national. She has been working for grassroots development and conservation in Madagascar since 1996. After 12 years of fieldwork experience managing a project in Madagascar, Irenee joined ‘Money for Madagascar’. In 2015, she became the CEO of the MfM, and in 2016, she received a ‘Chevalier de l’Ordre National’ (Knighthood) from the Malagasy Government. In 2023, she welcomed Lova to join her as a co-CEO.




Co-Heads of Programme, Partnerships & MEAL: Tabitha Middleton and Riana Hary Andrisoa

Tabitha is passionate about protecting the natural world and about social justice. She has a background in community-based natural resource management and Action Research. Before joining MfM in 2015, she worked on projects in various countries across the Global South for various universities and research institutions, including Reading, Cranfield, Oxford and Silsoe Research Institute. During her time at MfM, Tabitha has supported MfM’s partners with programme development, fundraising, monitoring, evaluation and learning. She has an MSc in Land Resource Management from Cranfield University and a degree in French with International Development from The University of Sussex.


Riana has an MSc in Forestry, Environment and Development and a degree in Forestry from the University of Antananarivo. Before joining MFM in 2020, Riana worked for 12 years on research & development programmes focused on climate change mitigation and sustainable forest and natural resource management for various international bodies. She is responsible for the development, management and successful execution of MfM’s diverse portfolio of programmes and plays a pivotal role in driving MfM’s mission forward. Currently, she is the acting head of The Vulnerable Children and Disaster Resilience Programmes. Riana is ensuring that all MfM’s projects are learning-led and impact-driven. She works directly with all MfM’s partners, helping them to build their monitoring, evaluation and learning capacity.



William RANDRIAMIARINA – Head of Finance 

A qualified accountant with a degree in management, William has dedicated his financial, managerial and entrepreneurial skills to supporting thousands of the most vulnerable people in his country to raise themselves out of poverty. With over 35 years experience in managing development projects, with special expertise in the WASH sector, William’s wisdom and experience have greatly benefitted MfM’s work.  He is the co-founder and CEO of  Malagasy NGO Miarintsoa Association (AMI), which has hosted MfM’s Madagascar team, enabling them to develop and grow as MfM transitions to full Malagasy registration.


Edwin Burrow – Finance Manager UK 

Ed joined MfM in 2018 and has shown an unerring commitment to supporting MfM’s mission. Ed has qualifications in bookkeeping/accountancy and over 40 years of experience working in financial and management roles. He served in the Army for 23 years and has qualifications in Adult Learning, IT Infrastructure and Networking, and Operational Management.




Christiane RANDRIANARISOA – Resilient Forests and Livelihoods (RFL) Programme Manager & Network and Resource Mobiliser


Committed to farmers’ well-being in remote areas and to protecting Madagascar’s natural heritage, Christiane is an agronomist who has dedicated her career to sustainable rural development. She has over 30 years of experience managing programmes and projects to improve rural livelihoods. She has worked across various sectors, including environment, health, nutrition, livelihoods, organisational development and community facilitation. Christiane is a charismatic, energetic ‘people person’ who fosters collaboration and engagement. She is highly experienced in facilitating effective workshops and training sessions for local communities and organisations. She has worked closely with communities, NGOs and researchers to develop MfM’s innovative RFL programme, putting people and their livelihoods at the heart of efforts to preserve Madagascar’s magnificent ecosystems for future generations.

Nirina Lalaina RAKOTOMALALA – Education for Life Programme Manager

Nirina is a highly accomplished education specialist who works tirelessly to enable children in remote rural communities to improve their life prospects through access to a decent, relevant education.  He joined MfM in 2021 with 14 years of experience in the Education sector, working as a teacher, trainer, project manager and advisor for various national and International NGOs, public and private schools, and the Malagasy Ministry of National Education.  With a degree in teaching from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Antananarivo and an M.Phil in Forestry, Development and Environment, Nirina also has expertise in environmental education. As well as managing the Education for Life (ED4L) programme, he is currently leading MfM’s participation in the Solar United Consortium, working with ED4L communities, local NGOs and solar energy organisations to develop an innovative model for improving education, health and livelihoods via school-based community access to solar energy. As part of this, he is heading up developing digital teaching and learning resources in French and Malagasy to be delivered on solar-powered intranets.  In 2018, Nirina won a prestigious Chevening Scholarship, gaining an MA in School Improvement and Educational Leadership from the University of Birmingham.  In 2022, he was invited to participate in “Education Changemakers”, a leadership training programme for promising young African leaders in South Africa.

Alanna Wilson – Communications Specialist UK

Alanna studied for a BA in International Politics with Law and a Master’s in International Performance Research from Warwick University/University of Arts Belgrade, which led her to 8 years working for intercultural organisations in communications and marketing for charity and arts sectors. Aside from working in communications, Alanna is also an artist and performer and has worked on several projects in Europe and Africa funded by the EU, Erasmus and the British Council.


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