Money for Madagascar – Atebion Malagasi i Heriau Madagascar

Y mae Madagascar, er ei bod hi’n enwog am ei bywyd gwyllt anhygoel o blanhigion i anifeiliaid, yn wlad mewn argyfwng. Ar ôl degawdau o anhrefn economaidd, y mae lefelau incwm, gofal iechyd ac addysg gyda’r isaf yn y byd, amcangyfrifir bod tua 70% o’r wlad yn byw mewn tlodi. Yn y cyfamser y mae twf yn y boblogaeth yn rhoi pwysau anferthol at y goedwig law werthfawr a phrin, y mae mwy na hanner ohoni wedi’i cholli erbyn hyn.

Mewn ymateb i’r argyfwng cymdeithasol ac amgylcheddol hynny y sefydlwyd Money for Madagascar, sy’n elusen Brydeinig, yn 1986 er mwyn galluogi pobl Madagascar i gymryd rheolaeth o’u tynged eu hunain.

Our Organisation (Ein Sefydliad)

Our Organisation

In the UK we have a small team of staff: a director, fundraiser and admin support based in Lancaster and backed up by volunteers and a board of trustees, many with working experience in Madagascar.  Since 2016 we have employed a Malagasy representative in Madagascar to monitor and support our projects.

Our patrons include experts in international development and Malagasy wildlife and history – including Dr Lee Durrell, Hilary Bradt, Baroness Kinnock and Sir Mervyn Brown.

Our Vision and Mission (Ein Gweledigaeth a’n Cenhadaeth)

Our Vision 

All Communities in Madagascar living with dignity, free from poverty, in harmony with the environment.


Our Mission

To enable Malagasy people to reduce poverty and protect the environment through sustainable, community-led initiatives. 

Our Aims (Ein Hamcanion)

Our Aims

Our aims remain the same today as they were at our founding in 1986. We aim to fund local solutions and enable the Malagasy people to take charge of their own destiny. Our projects tackle many of the key issues facing Madagascar today: extreme poverty, poor health and education, food insecurity, the destruction of natural forests and the loss of bio-diversity, We also respond to emergencies, from cyclone relief to feeding programmes for street kids and their families. We always aim to keep our running costs low to maximise the benefit to those who need it most. With modest resources we have built a record that we are proud of. We want to do more.

Our Values (Ein Gwerthoedd)
  • Equality and Social Justice – Valuing the uniqueness of each individual and their entitlement to stand up for their human rights.

  • Self-determination – Supporting the ingenuity and talent of Malagasy people, to find their own appropriate, durable solutions to the challenges they face.

  • Integrity  -  Building long-term, mutually respectful, transparent relationships with all partners, in particular our Malagasy NGO partners, our collaborating partners and our donors.

  • Adaptability  -  Ready to listen, learn, adapt and improve.  Projects are sensitive, appropriate and adapted to local circumstances and culture.

  • Sustainability  -  Achieving long-term positive impact through sustainable technologies, sustainable agricultural methods and the sustainable use of resources.

Our Goals (Ein Nodau)

Our Goals

  • To secure a better and fairer future for Madagascar by helping to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

  • To address the serious environmental, social and economic challenges facing Madagascar through low cost, community-based, Malagasy-led initiatives..

  • To alleviate poverty and poor health and build resilience through the six ‘spokes’ of our dynamic WHEELS:

                   WHEELS: Water-Health-Education and Social Care-Environment-Livelihoods-Sanitation

Who we help (Pwy sy’n cael eu cynorthwyo)

Who we help

  • Rural communities - particularly those living in proximity to threatened rainforests
  • The urban poor and homeless - people driven into the cities by the consequences of topsoil erosion, mismanagement of land and a lack of education or job opportunities
  • Vulnerable children and young people— teenaged girls, street kids, and juveniles in detention.
  • Malagasy development agencies who benefit from increased funding, mentoring and support.



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