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Madagascar’s forests are home to thousands of plants and animals found nowhere else on earth yet extreme poverty is threatening their future survival. Population pressure combined with climate change is trapping Malagasy people into a negative spiral of hunger and environmental degradation. MfM has long recognised the interdependence of people and their environment. Through education, training and practical support, we enable farmers and forest dwellers to provide for their families, whilst protecting and restoring their fragile environment.  Urgent attention is now focussed on reforestation, sustainable food security and resilience to climate change.

The Forests and livelihoods programme stretches from the dry West of Madagascar to the highly endangered rainforests in the East.  MfM currently supports four projects in this programme:


In Betampona we are working with our partner SAF to offer people living around the Special Rainforest Reserve practical alternatives to deforestation and wildlife poaching. By providing training, tools and long term technical support, we enable local families to improve food security and increase income whilst protecting precious wildlife habitats.                                                                                            find out more…


In Maintirano and the Melaky region, we are working with our partner SAF to empower women to sustainably support their families and restore their degraded landscape. Working through a network of cooperatives, we reach women and girls on Madagascar’s isolated west coast, offering access to the advice, training and micro -credit needed to establish sustainable income generating activities. Cooperatives are also involved in catchment restoration through reforestation.                                                                                                 find out more…


In Andasibe –Mantadia we are supporting the local community to restore the decimated forest that used to surround the famous Andasibe National Park and the Torotorofotsy protected wetland. Planting wildlife corridors of indigenous tree species provides local employment and helps preserve biodiversity, enabling endangered wildlife like the Indri lemur to reach fresh pockets of forest to find new breeding partners. Sustainable livelihood development activities provide families with alternatives to destructive slash and burn agriculture.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   find out more…


In Analamanga, we are working with our partner WtDM to tackling extreme poverty and building resilience in vulnerable households whose livelihoods are threatened by the increase in extreme weather and natural disasters resulting from climate change. We work with families, living below the poverty line, to identify and address underlying causes of food insecurity and climate vulnerability.      find out more…


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