SAFIFA (Helivao) Children’s Centres

Protecting the most vulnerable children and teenage girls who have been cast out by society. Helivao work with at least 5 centres. MfM grants focus on AKZV girls centre (at Behoririka) and The ‘Wednesday Children’ at Isotry church.

SAF Helivao works with a number of centres including:

Through the Isotry church:
• 200-500 children receive receive every Wednesday: a hot meal & education in – non-violence, hygiene, preparation for mainstream school and civic education.
• Midweek families receive support with – income generating activities, conflict resolution, counselling, paperwork/civil rights problems, and training in parenting skills.
• Emergency help given to the destitute, especially during floods & cyclones.
• A new preschool planned for 40 kids aged 4-5
• Awareness raising to prevent human trafficking.

At Akan’ ny Zazavavy (AKZV) girls centre in Behoririka:
• 90 day-girls receive vocational training mon-fri.
• 30 girls received training and residential care.
• 120 girls receive health checks, medical treatment, daily food and bathing facilities & part in theatre, dance, recreation time and outings.
• Monthly workshops for parents and teenagers on non-violence i the family life.

SAF Helivao also helps vulnerable children at the centres Gilpin and Bevalala.


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