Akany Avoko Bevalala

Akany Avoko Bevalala (AAB) is a home for destitute teenage boys, which was set up as part of Akany Avoko Ambohidratrimo Centre. AAB aims to give its boys the affection, education and protection they need in order to become responsible citizens and take their place in society again.

Located some 25km away from the main Akany Avoko centre, on the outskirts of Antananarivo, Akany Avoko Bevalala provides 31 boys with a safe, nurturing, residential environment; food; clean water; education; sports and religious guidance.  It is hoped that the numbers will grow to around 50 with the renovation of some additional rooms in the next year. Unfortunately there is insufficient provision of good centres like AAB to help with vulnerable boys, therefore there is always a high demand for places here.

AAB currently have an appeal to grow their capacity by renovating and improving areas of the home.  Additionally, there is a need for a new well to provide clean water.  If you are interested in helping, please download our appeal information.


Latest News/Appeals:

Renovating Additional Dorms and Kitchen Appeal


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