Mitsinjo Reforestation Project

Ysouffa, head of Mitsinjo’s reforestation team, knows all about trees!

He is responsible for the painstaking process of growing, planting out and nurturing the over 60 indigenous tree species required to recreate the rainforest habitat of the Indri lemur.  He understands the local eco-system and how to harness the eating habits of wildlife to facilitate reforestation.  Tree species are carefully selected to ensure that they will attract birds, fruit bats and lemurs to play a role of seed dispersers. Thanks to his inspirational commitment, since 2014, MfM have been able to replant 24,000 trees in corridors linking isolated forest fragments. 


Madagascar’s forests are home to thousands of weird and wonderful creatures found nowhere else on earth. The giant Indri lemur, with its haunting  call and piercing stare is one of the most iconic. The Indri is critically endangered and, unlike the panda or tiger  it cannot be bred in  captivity or kept in a zoo. The Indri cannot survive without the forest. With ‘Association Mitsinjo,’ MfM is helping to save the Indri and other endemic species from extinction by replanting Madagascar’s rainforest. Planting wildlife corridors around the Andasibe National Park, in eastern Madagascar, will provide endangered lemur populations with access to new territory. Using up to 60 different varieties of endemic tree we aim to plant 20,000 trees each year, working towards a goal of restoring 290 hectares of primary forest.

At MfM, we understand that you cannot hope to conserve biodiversity unless local people can perceive the benefits of protecting the forest. Planting, maintaining and protecting trees provides local empolyment. To increase the benefit to the community further, MfM is also investing in environmental education, community based eco-tourism and improved sustainable agricultural practices.  We are working to ensure that forest restoration and community development go and in hand. Improving the lives of people living around the forest is vital in protectecting the habitat and wildlife long-term.





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