Famine Appeal

Did you know that children in Southern Madagascar are starving? 

Please Donate today to feed families suffering chronic malnutrition in Southern Madagascar!

Over a million people now face starvation in what has been coined the first climate-emergency driven FAMINE. MfM is urgently appealing for donations to increase our response to this humanitarian crisis. As the country experiences its worst drought in 40 years, United Nations agencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) have issued an urgent warning to draw international attention to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Southern Madagascar.

Since January 2021 Money for Madagascar has raised over £100,000 for emergency famine feeding. So far we have provided over one million nutritious lunches to students at seven schools in famine-struck Southern Madagascar.

In partnership with ALT,  a highly respected Malagasy NGO based in the South of Madagascar, we have been feeding pre-school and primary school children in 4 schools in Amboasary Sud as well as 3 primary schools in Betroka. We chose to support feeding in places of education in order to bring a longer-lasting benefit to these communities. The feeding programme in Betroka is in partnership with Terre des Hommes and ALT. Since starting our feeding programme school attendance has more than tripled, with many children giving up child labour, such as working in mines, in favour of signing up for our school feeding programme.  Funds from our famine appeal will cover the costs of our daily feeding programme in 3 schools in Betroka until the end of the 2023 school year. Your next donations will determine what is possible to move from emergency response to a period of recovery and building resilience with these communities.

kids keen to join feeding programme


Donations enabled MfM to commit to daily feeding in 3 Betroka schools for a whole school year.



Goodbye Mines! It’s time for food and education!

We have chosen Betroka because it is hard-hit by famine and it is not yet receiving food aid from other feeding programmes. Furthermore, poverty and hunger in Betroka is driving children to work in the MICA mines, which is bad for their health and development and devastating for their education. By teaming up with ALT and TDH we are contributing to a wider project that helps children escape the mines and get back into education. Providing a daily meal at school helps to restore both the nutrition, education and rights of these children.

As well as extending our commitment to emergency feeding, MfM’s Malagasy staff are researching ways we could help this precarious population to build longer term resilience. We are open to sharing knowledge and building collaborations to achieve this goal. MfM’s Famine Response is designed and delivered by Malagasy people for Malagasy people. Our work is shaped and led by Malagasy communities who seek to build their resilience and take charge of their own destiny.

Further donations could help us extend our feeding and work with communities to build resilience.

Just £8 can feed a child for a month!




Thank you again for any support you can give!

Click below to see ALT with MfM feeding children with your donations



To see a video appeal from the World Food Programme



For BBC coverage 25-08-2021 click here..https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-africa-55688114


 Report from Medecins Sans Frontieres 27-5-2021

here https://msf.org.uk/article/photostory-madagascars-looming-famine


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