Appeal for Starving Children in Southern Madagascar

Did you know that children in Southern Madagascar are starving? 

Please Donate today to feed families suffering chronic malnutrition in Southern Madagascar!

Money for Madagascar is urgently appealing for help to respond to the humanitarian crisis developing in Southern Madagascar.  2020 has been a hard year for the whole world, but for families in southern Madagascar, the combination of relentless drought and COVID-19 have been particularly catastrophic.

Three years of drought mean no crops have grown and water tables have dried up. COVID-19 restrictions have reduced incoming food supplies and sent prices sky rocketing.

Although drought is common in the south, the current level of hunger is unprecedented.  Mothers are reduced to preparing a mixture of clay and tamarind to fill their children’s empty stomachs.  Even the tamarinds are running out and the cacti, a staple at times of hunger, have long dried up.

Vulnerable families are beginning to see their loved ones starve to death.  One village leader, Refanampy, is keeping the names of the dead in a notebook.  “We’re used to famine, but this time it’s just too much,” he says.  “Before this, we didn’t have people dying (of hunger) in our village.”

According to Theodore Mbainaissem of The World Food Programme(WFP), the extent of the hunger has caught humanitarians and authorities by surprise and left residents with no more resources to face the crisis.  “For now,” he says, “the only solution is to aid them by bringing in enough food for the months to come.”

The WFP has already begun to distribute food but they do not have resources to reach everyone in need.  Although MfM is small we can make a big difference.  Working with our  partners on the ground we can reach isolated families in urgent need of emergency food and water.  Your gift can save precious lives!

Just £6 can feed a child for a month!



We are grateful to all of you who have already given to us this year.   We know that times are hard for many of you and we understand if you cannot give at this time.  However, as we prepare to celebrate Christmas with a little more freedom, if you are able, please consider sharing the joy with a Malagasy family by offering them the gift of life-giving food and water!





Thank you again for any support you can give!


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