Friends of MfM

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust does wonderful work worldwide in both captive breeding and protecting rare animals in their natural habitat. The Trust has ongoing work in Madagascar with rare tortoises, lemurs and a number of other species.

Anglo-Malagasy Society

The Anglo-Malagasy Society exists to further friendship and co-operation between the peoples of the United Kingdom and Madagascar. The society is based in London and holds meetings with interesting speakers several times a year.

Avonbrook Projects Abroad

Avonbrook Projects Abroad supports education in the developing world through the provision of grants for long-term sustainable projects. They have supported a number of Money for Madagascar initiatives.

Seed Madagascar

Seed Madagascar is a registered UK charity and Malagasy non-governmental organisation, established in 1994, working in south-eastern Madagascar to alleviate poverty, improve well-being and protect beautiful unique environments.

Dodwell Trust

The Dodwell Trust is a registered UK charity set up in 1996 to help reduce poverty in Madagascar. Its chosen means is the advancement of education, information and communication through radio broadcasting. The work is undertaken by a local Malagasy organisation called Mitondrasoa. 

Feedback Madagascar

Feedback Madagascar is a small but very effective Scottish charity that has been operating in eastern Madagascar since 1992.


MOSS (Madagascan Organisation for Saving Sight) is a registered charity set up in 1993 to help develop ophthalmic and general health services in Madagascar.

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