Teacher Training Collaboration

Along with the Robert MacGregor Teacher Training Programme (RMTTP), and the Association Voahary Maitso, we have been involved in a week-long training programme aiming to improve teaching in the Itasy region.
Robert MacGregor qualified as a teacher in Edinburgh and has been teaching since 2006.  From 2015 – 2018, Robert lived in Madagascar developing teacher training courses.  Most of the sessions over the week were delivered by trainers he has taught but Robert himself delivered one of the sessions on Active Learning as part of the programme via video link from the UK.
Robert said “We are excited to collaborate with Money for Madagascar to provide high-quality teacher training that will positively impact education in the Itasy region,”
Altogether 80 primary teachers, 8 school directors, 5 teaching advisors and the director of training for the Itasy region took part in this programme
The headmaster of Miandriandra primary school and six other staff showed their dedication to improve their teaching by walking 7 hours to the bus station to travel to Antananarivo and attend the training!  There are 324 children in their school who will benefit directly from the practical techniques learnt by the teachers.
Robert has offered ongoing support for the teachers which is great news and we hope to run more courses in the future to improve the teaching in our Education for Life schools.