Introducing Hanta, the new Director at AAA and AAB

Lalasoa, the Director of AAA and AAB ended her directorship in June.  She has moved on to set up her own new project outside the Akany Avoko family. We wish her all the best in the future.
We are delighted to introduce the new director at AAA and AAB – Hanta Randrianarimalala.
Hanta is the perfect example of a success story from AAA.  She was orphaned at just 7 years old.  Initially she was cared for by her grandmother but then was placed at AAA with one of her sisters. Hanta worked and studied hard with the support of the team at AAA.  She went on to university and completed a Masters degree in Social Work in 2006.
In 2015, Hanta was appointed director of the then closed down AAF. She showed her dedication to Akany Avoko by re-establishing AAF, ensuring the infrastructure and paperwork was ready for the official reopening of the centre in March 2016. Under Hanta’s directorship, over 370 children were given the opportunity to build new lives whilst cared for by the team at the AAF centre.  Almost 300 girls were educated in local schools with many gaining vocational training certificates and state diplomas.
Hanta has now started the directorship of AAA and AAB while also finding time to assist with the management of AAF until her replacement from the girls’ centre in Mahajanga starts.

We commend Hanta to supporters, old and new, encouraging everyone to get behind her as she will need lots of support to take on the responsibility for so many vulnerable children.
We will continue our regular support through child sponsorship, grants and Mary’s Meals canteen feeding. Hanta has already started putting her stamp on the running of AAA and AAB including a new Facebook page: Akany Avoko Ambohidratrimo Bevalala.

We are very grateful that Hanta will be close at hand to give encouragement and advice to the new Director of AAF. We heartily encourage people to continue their support for AAF which also needs much help as the cost of living soars in Madagascar.
We are sure Hanta will succeed in improving and developing the AAA and AAB centres and look forward to helping and supporting her in this.