Queniborough Community Pianothon

  The village of Queniborough in Leicestershire came up with a novel way of joining our Tree Twinning Programme by holding a ‘Pianothon’.  The aim was to raise funds to protect and restore rainforest in Madagascar through playing music whilst also raising awareness of the threat to trees in Queniborough though a road widening scheme.  The community wanted to…

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Our Marathon Runner

My name is Maria Hall, I am 32 and an Urban and Regional Planning Consultant originally from Dublin, Ireland but now living in Donegal. In my spare time you can find me surfing, hiking or on the local basketball court (pre Covid). My partner of ten years, Gordon, is the son of one of the Trustees and I have…

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Covid Crisis now medical catastrophe in Madagascar

Covid is now gripping Madagascar. My heart is aching for colleagues and friends that we have lost to Covid in recent weeks and with fear for more we may lose as the covid situation in Madagascar become very frightening . This time it’s not just a financial crisis for households in lockdown it’s a medical crisis. The South African…

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