Our Marathon Runner

My name is Maria Hall, I am 32 and an Urban and Regional Planning Consultant originally from Dublin, Ireland but now living in Donegal. In my spare time you can find me surfing, hiking or on the local basketball court (pre Covid).
My partner of ten years, Gordon, is the son of one of the Trustees and I have always admired the family’s involvement with the charity. I remember Gordon’s Grandad and Granny discussing their time in Madagascar with great fondness and I have always hoped that Gordon and I would go to Madagascar to do our own charity work and continue the family tradition. However, considering recent travel restrictions and other commitments, it may be a few years before we can travel to Madagascar. In the meantime I decided running the London Marathon to fundraise and assist with raising awareness of the work undertaken by Money for Madagascar would be a more appropriate goal.
I ran my first half marathon in Sydney, Australia in 2019 and I was due to run my first marathon in Cork, Ireland in summer 2020. However, despite my training Covid-19 had other plans! The London Marathon in 2021 will be my first ever Marathon and I am delighted I am doing it to raise funds and awareness for a wonderful cause.
My training plan was originally cut short and I had to start two weeks late due to an injury (Piriformis Syndrome), however, I stuck to the plan and managed to build the miles quickly. Now, with only having four weeks left to go and lots of feet blisters and hip pain, I am feeling confident that I will make it across the line 😊.

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