What is MfM doing to help colleagues face the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’?

Following Covid, global inflation and crop failure from extreme weather, Madagascar is facing the sharp end of the ‘cost of living crisis’. Many essential goods such as food staples and medicines have even doubled in price over the last year.
This crippling inflation affects everyone we work with. At the community level, we are increasing grants to absorb inflation so that all our activities from tree planting to school education can go ahead as planned.  In times of extreme pressure, we are also making extra emergency grants to help families facing acute hunger to purchase food to eat today and seeds to plant for tomorrow.

As well as looking after the vulnerable communities we serve, we also need to look after our colleagues. We greatly value our dedicated Malagasy colleagues who work so hard to nurture and protect vulnerable families and precious eco-systems across our many projects. Therefore it is vital that we also take care of our Malagasy teams, so they can be strong to fulfil their vital work. In the face of Covid we took extra care to support everyone in our communities including our staff. Now in the face of crippling inflation we are helping by increasing wages and paying for social security contributions so that our colleagues can afford food and medicines to keep their families healthy and strong.