Breaking the cycle of poverty

Education is crucial to helping the people of Madagascar escape poverty but sadly across much of the country thousands of children are unable to go to school because there are not enough places or because their parents cannot afford educational fees, materials or uniforms. These issues are compounded by the chronic shortage of money available for repairing and maintaining school buildings.


Supporting schools country-wide

Since 2004 Money for Madagascar has funded work at 44 schools across Madagascar. This includes the building or renovation of more than 78 classrooms and the construction of 2 completely new schools. We have also funded the purchase of land for school buildings, sponsored the creation of school vegetable gardens and canteens and built new latrines to improve health and hygiene.


Funding inspirational educators

A school building means nothing without great teachers to bring it to life. As well as helping to build and repair schools Money for Madagascar also pays the wages of educators in both mainstream and specialist schools. As well as supporting children in academic education we fund teachers providing vital education to some of Madagascar’s most disadvantaged people including street children and children with disabilities. We also support the rehabilitation of offenders through a prison literacy programme.


A first taste of formal education

For many of Madagascar’s children the opportunity to don a uniform and study in a classroom is only a dream. Nowhere more is this the case than with the thousands of street children living homeless on the pavements of Madagascar’s major cities. We fund a number of projects aimed at giving these children the opportunity to join formal education for the first time. Our partners help the parents to obtain documentation such as birth certificates for their children, without which they cannot access education or any of the other services provided by the state. Of course no-one can study on an empty stomach so Money for Madagascar also funds feeding programmes to provide free meals for students, helping them to focus on their lessons rather than their tummies!