Help Build a Forest – Twin your Favourite Tree for World Rainforest Day!

We have ambitions to plant 1million trees in Madagascar.  Just £5.00 covers the cost to plant, maintain and protect a tree in our projects.





  • Send us a photo of your favourite tree with an ‘I’m a Tree Twin’ sign and we will twin it with one in Madagascar.
  • Donate money to plant trees in our projects at Mitsinjo and Betampona
  • We’ll share your tree with a Malagasy twin


In Mitsinjo in Eastern Madagascar, we are restoring natural forest by creating wildlife corridors to expand the habitat of endemic and threatened species. A variety of tree species are carefully selected to ensure that they will attract birds, fruit bats and lemurs to play a role of seed dispersers.  The Betampona Reserve is one of the last surviving lowland forests in Madagascar.  It is your typical jungle – warm, humid with luscious vegetation.  Well-managed tree-planting means families no longer need to encroach on the rainforest to meet their timber and firewood needs and consequently the rainforest is restored and enlarged.
Money for Madagascar focuses on helping communities to overcome their problems, to value and protect the land and to live off it in a sustainable yet profitable way.  For donations please go to:
Send your photo to and share our social media posts to increase the size of our forests!