Successes in difficult times – a good news story

The last two years have brought previously unimaginable problems for the whole world but there have also been many positive stories from our projects in Madagascar.



Our friends at AAA recently sent us a report giving details of their success stories in 2021 and we would like to share some of them with you:
  • All of the children who took the test to move from primary to secondary school passed.
  • There were 24 young people at university and three graduated.
  • 16 girls completed vocational training – 9 in hairdressing and beauty, 4 in sewing and 3 in agriculture and livestock.
  • The Avoko Restaurant was renovated with updated, more efficient equipment ready for re-opening when Covid restrictions allow.
  • Funds have been raised for the centres by selling the surplus from the activities eg plants from the garden, sanitary towels and masks from the sewing classes, environmentally-friendly charcoal and eggs.
It is great to hear of the progress at AAA especially that they have shown such resilience and ingenuity during the pandemic.
There are lots of plans for 2022; installation of solar panels, renovation of the centre, reopening of the restaurant and guest houses to name but a few.  With your donations and the determination of the team at AAA, we are sure that they will move further towards self-sufficiency.
They have asked us to send on a big thank you to everyone who has donated