Work to replace tourism at Mitsinjo













The Covid crisis has meant that there are no tourists coming to our projects at Andisibe.   To prevent unemployment and poverty we have provided grants to the Association of Mitsinjo.  They have used the grants in a number of innovative ways, not only to help with the immediate situation, but also to increase what is offered to tourists which should boost income when they return to this beautiful area.
The local guides have been working hard in the forest creating two new routes – one is a night walk.  The paths will include passing areas specifically for bird watching and looking at orchids.  They have also improved and carried out repairs on the existing paths.
The grants were also used to distribute rice, soap and masks to several local communities and to create a radio public health broadcast to inform people how to keep themselves safe from Covid.
The communites in Andisibe are very grateful for the support provided by MfM.