A thank you from FJKM School

Education for Life is a programme to provide resources to help with the education of children and funds to improve facilities at schools. Over 10,000 children, teachers and parents, have benefited from this programme in 54 schools.



Our Education for Life programme, along with our partner Ankizy Gasy, helped the FJKM School in Ambohidratrimo.  We have previously helped restore the school building here.

This time, we made a contribution towards the wages of ten teachers; the income of the school in May was much lower than normal as the Covid 19 pandemic means that the price of food has increased significantly.  Unfortunately, in this situation, the parents have had to prioritise buying food over paying the school fees.

As in the UK, the teachers have not stopped working and have been setting and distributing homework to do their best to maintain continuity of education.  MfM has also funded the homework project.

We received this lovely letter of thanks from Valisoa, the Headteacher at the school.