Adult Literacy Programme

As part of our Education for Life programme, we are also improving adult literacy.  Parents of some of the students were concerned that they were unable to help their children with their school work due to their own low level of literacy.  Some of them were also embarrassed that their children knew more than them.
The course delivered links literacy learning to rural development, focusing on teaching literacy in the context of improving educational outcomes for children by supporting literacy and business skills of parents at Education for Life Schools.  A local trainer delivers the course which means schools can repeat them and the course is monitored by Malagasy Ministry of Education.
Each participating parent receives the materials to help with learning – books and pens etc.  They are also provided with saplings and technical training to enable them to develop a small fruit growing business which can help improve their family’s nutrition and income.

Two cohorts of parents have already completed the course learning not only write, read, calculate with confidence, but with the skills and support they acquired throughout the programme, they are also ready to develop their income generating activities.

In 2021, the MfM adult literacy and business course was delivered by our trusted Malagasy NGO partner, Association Voaary Maitso (AVM).  Contributors were the Adsum Foundation, MIA and two thirds of the costs were paid for by individual MfM donors.  Our intention is to increase the programme and roll it out across our Education for Life schools and we are now raising funds towards this goal.